Spare a copper — 7 Comments

  1. They – the Backroom Evil Shysters – say its to stop money laundering by the drug runners and all their ilk which is a load of old cobnuts!  They, the previously mentioned BES, are the crims and they’ll still carrying doing what they’re doing via their creative accounting and off-shore fiddles, etc!  Make no mistake it won’t be for our benefit but that is how they’re trying to spin it!   It’s one more attempt to remove our freedoms and give the evil ones more power.  

    • Just think about it – if you want to control a population, take absolute control of their money supply.  All they have to do is remotely disable a chip and there you go – penniless and utterly dependent on others.

  2. We had a storm a couple of years ago that took out the power and phones. Parts of my local area had no electricity for 8 days and some of the phone lines were out for nearly a week. Local shops had signs in the window “cash only”, cards were useless but the ATMs didn’t work either to get cash. What a shambles. This whole cashless thing is about population control, all for our own convenience of course. And the MSM dutifully push the cashless thing with scare stories about crooks and terrorists.

  3. UK white van men often have a paypal account and can take payment via whatever app on the kerbside. Paid for eldest son’s last  house crack den move that way.

    • Paypal suffers from the same weakness though – it’s still reliant on technology.

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