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  1. Our bin collection is sometimes on Monday – although any other day will do, according to our local council.  Fully agree with the idea that holidays are an overrated pastime.  Since we moved to the seaside, where we always used to go at great expense, there  is no pressure to look elsewhere for alternative amusements.  Planning our forthcoming holiday, we decided here was good enough and so very much cheaper.  Enjoy your rest, but keep posting!

    • The cost is a huge factor [on a pension] but I sometimes wondered if all the hassle of packing the car to the gills was worth the effort.  And then you get home after your week or fortnight and everything is just back to normal, apart from the bank balance.  France was the exception though and I still browse through the photographs and the memories.

      • Loved France,  but working there was not fun  Remember a cola and beefburger cost just over £5 in 1975.  How much now?    Went back a couple of years ago and found some lovely places to eat after – literally – fighting off the Greek restaurant owners trying to convince us  their food was  really French.  Eventually settled for a Belgian place offering sensible food.  Good fun, later we found a great place with a waiter straight out of the Addams Family. It is still possible to enjoy France – simply look around carefully.

  2. Can you borrow a local farmer’s beast of burden and let the visiting grandchildren enjoy donkey rides in the back garden? Have you installed an ice cream machine in the kitchen so they and you can savour summer treats?

  3. And I thought it was just me! All the organizing around a holiday is a pain in the neck. Also feel the same about eating out, as most of the time you could do a much better job yourself for half the price.

    I never thought about changing the locks though. 

    • I never thought about changing the locks though.”  An absolute essential, unless you want to find your central heating tank empty and the garden littered with empty beer cans and bottles.  And I never knew that a barbecued goat could make such a mess of the lawn.

  4. I’ll give your views some thought next week while I’m on my sunlounger, reading a good book and drinking an ice cold beer.

    It’s been nice the last few days at home but the problem with England is that summer only lasts about a week usually…

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