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  1. Antonio Nieto, vice president of the Spanish Association of Pediatricians, told The Local that if the baby inhaled the smoke, the health impact could be “worse than heroin” for the child’s developing lungs.

    “Even children who are exposed to passive smoking are more likely to develop lung conditions such as asthma or chronic bronchitis,” he added.

    Which of course is why our generation, GD, who were exposed to huge amounts of ‘passive smoking’ from birth all died at 45 from chronic bronchitis, asthma and other terrible lung conditions, unlike today’s children, who growing up as they are in a ‘smoke-free’ environment, never suffer from asthma, allergies or anything else. We really drew the short straw, eh?.

    At least, according to Antonio Nieto that’s the way it works. Worse than heroin, eh? Goodness, you learn something every day….

    • I was “exposed” to “passive smoking” for the first fifteen or so years, and then switched to proper smoking for the next fifty one [or so] years.  As far as I and Doc are aware my lungs are in a pretty good state, unless of course I actually died thirty years ago from a heroin overdose?

      It completely baffles me how the Bovine Masses lap up this crap when they can see the evidence all around them that it is all lies.

    • Penny sometimes shows an inordinate interest in my pipe.  That would explain where all my baccy is disappearing to?

      • Check the colour of her teeth. Brownish tint? Smell her breath – it’s definitely not whiskey is it?

        • I don’t go anywhere near her mouth for my own sake.  It smells like a fishing harbour at low tide.  Definitely NOT whiskey.

  2. The “moral guardians” are always at it. They’ve just awarded the Northern Territory the “Dirty Ashtray Award” for failing to do better at stamping out smoking (its at 22%, about double the national average here Down-Under). Nevermind there is a larger population of Indigenous-Australians, that, given the prolific rates of smoking among their demographic would skew the results.

    Naturally, this means the “moral guardians” are screaming bloody murder that something must be done.

    Link to Article (I tried using the Hyperlink function, but it didn’t produce the right result, so this is an edit!)

    • A “dubious title”?  I would call it a badge of honour and an indication of maturity.  I take it that the Northern Territory is now crying its collective eyes out at the shame?

      The link works just fine.  I see  there is a gigantic crowd of three comments, which would imply that no one gives a shite?  Fair play!

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