Going like clockwork — 10 Comments

  1. Why not take down the new clock (to be worked on until you’ve got it fixed) and return the old one to its place on the wall?

    No, ignore that. I see that it may (a) offend Herself and (b) possibly lead to loss of the remaining key.

    • I could do.  The olny [small] problem is that the chimes would need to be retuned first. They got slightly bent!

      A – Probably  

      B – Very likely.

    • I like it.  Mind you, my preference is that a clock should look like a clock, but if I had to go all modern……

  2. I have to admit that when I read the first line my mind blocked out the ‘L’ in said timepiece. Maybe it was the ‘wee’ reference. The rest of the tale subsequently took on a totally different connotation! 🙂

    • I had to be very careful when typing because the keyboard has a strange habit of dropping letters [‘public’ becomes ‘pubic’ and ‘clock’ becomes ‘cock’].  Looks like I needn’t have bothered?

      • Ha! Not sure about your other readers, but given the state of my eyesight these days I have to be very careful reading anything aloud. Very easy to get into trouble! 🙂


    • Definitely.  The months and years are flying past at a frightening rate, though strangely an event that happened last week could seem like months ago. 

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