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    • Hah!  One of the dangers of the Interweb – links that don’t work any more!  This site is probably crawling with them.

      • Yep. For example the “Valuable links” link in your “Smoking” link.


        You did want feedback!

        • Ah!  That link does work, but I suspect the problem lies with your screen size.  “Valuable Links” should open up another drop-down box of links but it insists on shoving that drop-down to the right, which may be off your screen?  Just a guess.  I’l see what I can do to fix that.

            • Slightly. I can indeed now see that there is another drop down box – but most of it is still out of the screen. I need to reduce the screen size (Frefox) to 80% in order to see it completely.

              • Good grief!  It’s way over to the left of my screen now.  You must have a screen that is very small, yet not quite small enough to be classed as a tablet?  The theme is supposed to adapt to whatever size it’s viewed on.

                • You’ve moved the “Smoking” button! Great! Now I can see the links in the drop down.

                  And, btw, no, I’m not using a small tablet like monitor. 😉

                  The drop down didn’t adapt.

  1. A bit of a disappointment that your ‘random selection’ doesn’t show comments. I can understand why the comments are closed, but it would have been nice to see the comments posted at the time. I think in many cases the comments are as interesting as the post. Or perhaps I should re-phrase that. The comments add value to the post, and thus make the whole more interesting as a result.

    • But comments are displayed, or rather they are on my screen?  Maybe you just discovered a post with no comments?

      Actually there is one thing to note – in the earlier days of the site comments weren’t nested which led to some rather awkward reading [rather like Twitter].

      • Ah, just tried it again, and I got comments this time. First time all I got was ‘comments are disabled’. Maybe nobody commented that day. I see what you mean about the nesting – it leads to a rather incoherent timeline when they’re just one after another.

  2. Hah! I punched that Random Post thingie as soon as I arrived on your site today (kind of hard to miss) and got this:

    Easter Rising and Floating

    However, it was the next post from that one that caught my eye:

    Tiddles is Back

    It actually lived up to my expectations I got from the title.

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