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  1. Sigh.

    Many of us vapers knew for a long time that Tobacco Control isn’t our friend and that howling with the wolves won’t spare you from being eaten. Many of us also knew that the restriction of liquid bottles to 10 ml would only lead to vendors doubling the prices. Well, what should I say? I was wrong – they didn’t double the prices over night, they tripled and quadrupled them.

    The new excuse for the med-porn on the packs I recently read was “the room on the pack is needed for the pictures and warnings” . Well. As you said – smokers are already used to not looking at the med-porn. What happens now, is that not only smokers but EVERYBODY is forced to look at the med-porn every single time they go shopping. What about the cheeeeeldren™???

    I very much like the tin packs – pity I don’t smoke any more.

    • It’s surprising how many vapers did try and align with TC.  How many times have we seen them trotting out the old rhetoric so beloved of Tobacco Control?  Even the “a billion lives” thing was straight out of WHO’s textbook.

      As for everyone being forced to look – that is the single most idiotic thing about the whole affair as no one is going to see them anyway! Advertising and displays are banned so where will the Great Unwashed [particularly the cheeeldren] see them?  The only ones will be the purchasers and they don’t give a damn one way or another.

      • In my opinion, those who aligned with TC were either hoping to be spared from their prosecution or were / are simply still in brainwashed modus.

        Be generous towards Aaron Biebert, him of “A Billion Lives” – he got it in the meantime, and has changed the second title slightly to “a billion people PROJECTED to die …”

        And concerning the med-porn: here in Germany cigarettes / tobacco are mostly not hidden. And the law says that Big T is also not allowed to hide the hideous porn. So every single child gets to see the beauty … ever heard of nocebo? I can’t even begin to express how disgusted I am.


  2. Tobacco Control also seems to be in complete denial about the existence of the ever burgeoning black market that has emerged as a direct result of their meddling

    They seem to think that when they send out pollsters to ask people if they buy their cigs / tobacco on the black market they’ll get truthful answers. Ha! So when the pollsters come back and say:”Only a very small percentage of smokers are buying on the black market”, they issue press releases saying that the black market is tiny. Duh!

    As Chris Snowdon so eloquently put it, the people in Tobacco Control are catatonically stupid.

    They live in their own parallel universe, where black is white and up is down. And because they spend all their time telling each other how wonderful they are, they actually believe it.

    Amazing really, how people can live their lives without actually coming into contact with reality. I expect they will all vote for Corbyn, in the belief that he’s an economically literate ‘safe pair of hands’. And a socialist, of course, who believes in micro-managing other people’s lives.

    • They are so busy sitting in their echo chambers, clapping each other on the back for the “brilliant ideas” and “clever maneuvers” to thwart the smoker that they can’t see what’s going on in the world around them.  The ideas have become so inbred and incestuous that they are frankly laughable.

      I can’t help but wonder what they are going to come up with next?  Smokers will have to wear a Star of David on their coats?

    • They have a choice. They can vote for Corbyn who fronts up for complete compliance with ASH’s expectations of smoke-free outdoor areas and all the rest of the stuff they want doing.

      Or they can vote for Farron who it seems far prefers that business of placing a tax on tobacco companies (and handing a goodly portion of the revenue generated directly to ASH to do with as it wishes).

      They are so spoiled for choice.

      We on the other hand await UKIP’s manifesto that’s due to be published on Wednesday. I suspect they’ll conveniently avoid any mention of smoking rooms in pubs, and no longer have the gonads to include private clubs or tobacconists.

  3. Nisaki, it is also a question of WHERE those asked about committing illegalities live. Just about every smoker locally, upon hearing I am off to Belgium soon, has -in some cases literally- begged me to bring them back some tobacco (and, for any Border Force Officer reading: I have of course explained that I mayn’t but that a bus ticket costs but £60 and that they should take advantage while they can cos come Brexit…) Yes there is a flourishing, multi million £ black market here BUT most of what the spivs sell is chinese -gang fake shit and smokers have learnt the hard way that it isn’t worth the risk. Although, to give Johnny Chinaman his due, he has upped his game a lot since the days when one fake ‘GV’ rolly put me on the floor . Fortunately as our government seems determined to follow the example set by the Wonderful World Of Oz , no doubt after Brexit OZ style ‘illegal’ brands will appear, good quality and sensibly priced so that small children might afford them….and still have change from their pocket money to buy the latest ‘Bambi goes postal with chainsaw + Sex’ 18+ ‘video’ game.

    • It’s all right for you Brits with just a short hop across the Channel.  What about us Irish?  Stop rubbing it in!

      • Oh do so quit with the whinge. Ryan does a flight direct to Brussels from Dublin for Euro 34 and back the next day for Euro 22. (Oct 22 out, Oct 23 back). And you can get a place to stay and smoke through airbnb. Hopefully this’ll come up correctly.

        • Mind you, GD would probably have trouble finding the tonka bean/geranium/rosewater ‘tobacco’ he smokes in Brussels…even in Adinkerke, which caters to Brit tastes doesn’t stock it. They do of course stock the dread ‘Clan’ (aka ‘Satans pubic hair’). Yes I’m a tobacco snob, sue me.

          BTW GD, Silk Cut are 65 of your shiny euros a carton in Belgium, dunno how much they are in Ireland.

            • Isn’t a ‘carton’ always 10 packs @20 cigs/200 cigs or do the Irish use the word only when describing important things like milk or Lidls’ ‘wine’? 😛

              So a carton in Belgium would be a saving of just under half? Might be worth your while flying over-assuming you can bring back enough (no idea what ‘allowance’ your Customs try and impose, as an EU citizen you can bring back as much as you like ). 10 cartons would be a saving that would not only pay for the entire trip but might even cheer your old heart and mean more money for luxuries like peat and tea bags next winter.


  4. I have watched the presentation by the Aussie and it becomes obvious that Tobacco Control has cherry picked and massaged statistics in its attempt to ‘prove’ that plain packaging and subsequent medical porn packaging of cigarettes will cause a decline in the purchasing of cigs by the smoking public. It is also fair to say that TC has been pulling statistics from its arse.

    • Tobacco Control has been cherry-picking and massaging and pulling statistics out of its collective arse for decades, Ger. That’s what they do. That’s what they always have done.

      You only have to look at their claims about ‘how many people a year die from smoking’ a little closely to realise the chicanery that is their modus operandum.

      First they declare just about every disease and complaint to be ‘smoking related’. That covers just about every disease people get, whether they smoke or not. Then it’s an easy step to include any smoker (and a lot of non-smokers, too) who dies of any of that plethora of ‘smoking related’ diseases in that figure, regardless of age. A 95 year old smoker who dies of organ failure will be one of those ‘killed by smoking’. They then make all sorts of arcane projections about how many more might be included in the figure, and feed it into their computer model ‘SAMMEC’.

      Bingo! Smoking kills 400,000 a year (or whatever number they feel will have an impact).

      They used to include a plucked-out-of-the-air 13% of cervical cancer deaths (in fact they probably still do), despite the fact that cervical cancer has been proven to be caused by a virus. They are completely amoral. Their ethos is ‘the ends justify the means’, and they don’t give a fuck about collateral damage or unintended consequences. They are driven by ideological fanaticism, and they have no intention of letting facts get in the way of their preferred narrative.

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