How not to start a site — 15 Comments

  1. You might have provided a link so we might all go laugh at the fuckhead. I’m in Norfolk, remember? Laughs are few and far between here.

    • I deliberately didn’t.  The poor chap doesn’t deserve a direct slagging and I respect his right to be there in peace.  Knowing you lot, you’d all pile in leaving nasty comments for him.  That might put him off not posting?

  2. You’re wrong about modern beards. These days it’s the “haven’t shaved for two days” look. Very scruffy.

    • What do you mean, ‘these days’? I’ve been sporting the ‘haven’t shaved for two days’ look for more than twenty years. In fact, it quite often transmogrifies to the ‘haven’t shaved for five days’ look.

  3. My beard is on for the winter and off (or a goatee) for the summer and I’ve replaced my receding hairline out front with a ponytail out back (or until the receding hairline recedes far enough for the ponytail to fall off). And a new blog site? And here I thought it was all Facebook and Twit-ter these days?

  4. My feed thingie in Thunderbird must be having an off-day since your post came as a new-ish one instead from 9 days ago. I must have a talk with it.

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