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  1. I already commented on this here:

    But here is what I said to save everyone, desperate to read my words of sage wisdom, rushing over to LF’s and crashing her site:

    I’m quite a fan of Steven Fry (he comes from the next village along from me) and I think he is an incredibly gifted actor, he plays the best Steven Fry ever. So I’d hope on that day where he meets his Maker , God will reply with the following (in a Bob Hoskins type voice because My Gawd is pure Beffnall Gween):

    “Steve, me Ol’ china, you Ol’ iron, did you never watch your ‘Matrix’? What do you think would’ve ‘appened ‘ad H’i made the World a bleeding paradise, with no pain nor deaff no nuffink bad? Cos that’s h’exactly what I did and then that bloody girl mucked it h’all up, didn’t she? I know she was as fick as two short ribs but….come on. “Don’t talk to bleeding serpents!” ‘ardly difficult.
    Nah, look seriously now, Steve-o, the whole point of the exercise is that ‘oomanity realises that all the h’evil, all the pain and h’all the sufferen is due to ‘umanity itself innit. You ‘alf inch some poor bastards credit card and he misses his train, so the guy doesn’t read an article in the newspaper he found in the carriage and doesn’t realise what the cause of infant bone cancer is. ”

    As to the Blasphemy I have always taken the view that Jahwe, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Lord Of The Heavenly Hosts, Maker Of Heaven And Earth, The Numero Uno is quite capable of handling his own affairs and dealing with anyone what ‘disses’ him. He doesn’t need our help.


    PS, for any Gays reading, I use the term ‘iron’ (cockney for ‘poof’ -‘iron hoof’) affectionately.

    • I would imagine that God [if he exists] is having a right old laugh.  He must have a sense of humour – who else could have invented an elephant or a male with his balls on the outside?

        • And only a God with a sense of humour could possibly have thought to design a human body where the nursery sits right between the two major sewage outlets …

  2. If somebody stands on a soapbox or stepladder on a popular shopping street and condemns passersby for being sinners, he shouldn’t be surprised if somebody tosses a soft tomato in the air and it accidentally lands on his face. My stance on distasteful utterances on television: I got rid of my TV set years ago.

    • If I come across someone who addresses me as a sinner I just ignore them.  People are entitled to their own beliefs, and provided they don’t demand that I follow them then I’m fine with that.  

  3. I’m a self confessed blasphemer… I don’t believe in the religion spouted by the Church of Warble Gloaming. I will probably be condemned to death by snowballs!

  4. We already know Fry is clever; why need he go out of his way to upset people? Once upon a time you’d simply have said these things to your friends over dinner.

    • But wasn’t he being asked his opinion? Which he gave? What was he supposed to say? He didn’t go out of his way at all. He merely answered the question. Honestly.

      • Precisely!  It was a programme where people were interviewed about their personal beliefs.  If he personally thinks God is a pernicious toe-rag then he is just following the programme’s brief.

        Or should RTE not have broadcast it?  In which case couldn’t they be accused of religious censorship?

      • For Fry, it’s not a one-off, it’s a mission, which was why he was asked.

  5. It won’t be long before we take another leaf out of the book from the religion of peace and start demanding death for apostates.

    Well, it seems to be a trend….

    • Fifty lashes while you intone “Thou shalt not offend,  thou shalt not offend…..”

  6. Surely the prosecution would have to produce God as a witness or at least prove that he exists but was unwilling to go to court,in order to prove that either he wsa offended, or a bystander was offended?

    • I would have though that God would have to be produced as a witness.  His lack of existence would surely nullify the prosecutions case?

      Anyways, they announced today that they had dropped the case.  Apparently they couldn’t find sufficient “offended people”!  Seriously.  You couldn’t make it up.

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