Anna Raccoon: An urgent appeal — 20 Comments

  1. Who is the masked crusader? Henry, the mild mannered janitor?

    If he or she is reading this then let me add my plea to Granddads, dude please please contact  GD or Anna Raccoon. 

    • There is no point in even trying to contact Enom [I do business with them myself].  They will not divulge any info apart from that which is publicly available.

      • I didn’t say to ask them for personal information; they obviously shouldn’t and wouldn’t.  I merely suggested you ask them to pass on a message.

  2. What exactly is the problem/ Following the link I still arrive at the Anna Raccoon blog albeit that it hasn’t been updated since December last year. seems to be available.

    • No problem at all, apart from the fact that it hasn’t been updated.  Maybe Anna would like to rectify that?

  3. I took a wget of the .com site once we were on notice that the Raccoon Arms was to close (because it was a thing of beauty and value). I didn’t get the graphics, so I’m glad that “Smith” did a proper clone and hope it stays, gently resting amongst the interwebs for many years to come 🙂

    • wget is grand for copying static content or for taking a snapshot of a dynamic site.  Unfortunately [or fortunately?] the only way to archive or copy a  wordpress site is to download the file structure of the original, plus have a full database dump.  There is no way a site could be recreated from a wget.

  4. (for those not on Twatter) Apparently the Caped Crusader has now contacted AR and plans are afoot to reopen the bar!

    “they open up their wallets, close down their minds and they’d ‘love to buy you all a drink'”

  5. Grandad – I owe you a huge debt  – thanks to you, the caped crusader has ridden over the hill top and arrived at my side!

    The Raccoon Arms will be reopening at its old address of in the next few days…….it won’t be exactly as before, and I doubt that I wil be able to write as before but we can still enjoy a few bevvies round the bar and mull over old times  now and again. 

    The wonders of the Internet…..

    I have lost a lot over the past few weeks – but you have helped me regain something precious –  the ability to write when I can. 

    Thank you. xxxx

    • The internet is indeed a terrible thing, Anna. Terrible in the same way the Gods are terrible ( def: causing awe: the terrible nature of God). Capricious and all powerful, it can wreak havoc and it can perform miracles, and we have little control over it. It looks like in this instance, the Gods have permitted the clouds to part a little.


      • oh you’ve been on the Ouzo again, haven’t you, we can tell. Makes a man all fillo-soff-thickall, like them Ol Greek buggers!

  6. “Not very often though.”

    Hey, it’s been useful to ME over the years GD!  ðŸ™‚  Bloggers often don’t seem to appreciate how much background inspiration their writings give to readers. You and Anna and a passle o’ other Free Choice bloggers out there mean a LOT to us who simply read and admire and add our little addendums at times.


    • Dammit!  You’ll be calling me an “influencer” next.  An expression I hate.

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