The joys of the underworld — 6 Comments

  1. I have never understood the British mania for going into debt for £Vast Sums for a quarter of a century and then cowering behind the couch everytime the TV announces an interest rate hike. Yes I get that paying rent is a mug’s game too but 1. I don’t get to unblock sewers and 2. I don’t pay rent, the government takes care of that for me.

    IF (when?) I win the EuroMillions then i will buy property…where the sun shines and the annual rainfall wouldn’t fill a toilet. Cash and outright. That was the advice some very rich people gave me years ago and I  have never had cause to doubt the sense of their words. Or as they put it to me: ‘if after two weeks of lying on the beach you wonder if you should extend your stay by another week or just buy the fucking place-that’s when you can *afford* to buy property, not before’



    • There is one simple bonus to home ownership though.  Once any loans are paid the world can go fuck itself.  I am king of all I survey and no one else can claim title to the Manor.

      • Unless what you happen to survey is yourself smoking your pipe indoors anywhere around the Grandchildren. In which case your property rights will mean precisely shit in 10..9…8..7..6..5

        Closely followed by the government seizing your property for your not having renewed your annual ‘Smoking License (Indoor and Out) or because you failed to attend, and pay lots for, the annual Re-Education seminar culminating in a dose of public castigation.

        All of which will come to pass in the UK sooner than in Eire thanks to Brexit but your government will fall into line soon there after.




  2. makes me wonder more what you and the missus have been eating to clog up the works that bad……

    • Vindaloos and my favorite [and mandatory] cooking ingredient – Spanish onions.

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