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  1. It can be a nightmare. I’ve been vaping over 5 years and kept up with the tech but still use “old school” ego batteries. Let me know if I can help with links to videos etc.

    • Any help is most welcome!  All I want to find out is what the different wattages mean and simple things like that.  Does the higher wattage just produce more vapour, or does it affect the strength?  Running at too high a wattage can burn the coil [or so I believe] but what happens if I dial down to 1W?  Simple little pointers. 

      • It seems to me that you won’t get much vapor under 6 or 7 watts. It also depends on the resistance of the coil. I’m mostly familiar with 1 to 2 ohm coils and I use them from 8 to 14 watts. Mostly seems to change the heat of the vapor and increase it when you turn up the wattage. I like a cool vape so I stay around 8 or 10 watts with a 1.5 ish coil. There are also different ways people vape. If you take the vapor first into your mouth and then into your lungs it is called “mouth to lung” vaping,,,,like most of us smoked. If you take it directly into your lungs, direct lung vaping, you will need more airflow to the coil and more wattage. For mouth to lung vapers, about the highest you’d want to go is 16 or 18 watts and it does seem to burn coils above 15 for me. I’ll be looking for good videos for you 🙂

        • I think ours is a 1.5 ohm one.  I have it set at around 9 Watts at the moment so at least I can now see her when she vapes.  Being a keen smoker she probably draws in the “mouth to lung” method.  I’ll watch closely next time she’s playing with it!

          This is all very helpful.  Thanks!

          • Glad to help. It takes some fiddling around to find what is good for you/her then you want something better

  2. All the features make it hard to detect the electronic tracking devices from various TLAs (three letter agencies). If they have not already I doubt it will be too long before they are able to be remotely commanded to deliver a fatal electrical shock to remove undesirable individuals or operate as small fuel air explosive device to eradicate a group.

    • I flippantly asked the chap if they sold one with a built in camera and he replied that he didn’t but that they were available!  I suppose we’ll be connecting them via the Interweb soon?

  3. If I found the right e-cig from your pic, the “clearomizer” on the mod is a CS Air. It should have a coil with a resistance of 1.5 Ohm. Those shouldn’t be used over 20 Watt. Herself will just have to play a bit to find out if she likes it more with around 10 Watt (less vapor, but also less danger of burning the coil) or rather a higher wattage. The vapor – and its density – is also influenced by the “airflow” of the CS Air 2. The density of the vapor probably is the reason  why you and she had to cough. (If she wants to know more, tell her to google or duckduck for CS Air 2 or search for YouTube instruction videos). It’s all a question of personal taste and experimenting a bit. Only important thing is to stay within the specifications of the “atomizer head” that’s in the CS Air 2, so as not to burn the coil – which tastes godawful, so she should realize real quick if that happens. IF it really happens, that means that the coil will be burned or rather: the cotton wick will be burned. End of atomizer head because the burned cotton will keep tasting godawful and won’t “work” anymore because it won’t transport the liquid any longer in the way it should. Change head. In the beginning she’ll probably burn a few of the heads until she’ll have found the right setting (Wattage, Airflow moren open or less) that suits her.

    I never used a CS Air so I don’t know if there are atomizer heads for it which let you change the cotton wick or even the coil without having to exchange the whole head – maybe someone else knows. Somehow I also doubt you or Herself are interested in finding a new hobby horse by learning how to re-wick or re-build coils, right? 😉

    If I can be of any help, let me know.

    • Wow!  Thanks for all of that.  It is indeed a CS Air 2 [I just checked in the manual].  I asked her last night if I could fiddle with her thingy.  There was a bit of a misunderstanding which didn’t turn out too well.

      She’s doing fine today.  Airflow wide open, 9 Watts, coil not burned out.  Seeing as I hate going into Skobieville, I bought two extra coils just in case.  They are tiny yokes that screw in so there is no need to change the entire head or any other part.

      She’s still demanding fags as well though. 🙁

  4. 3 years ago, facing more surgery, I decided it was only fair to give the anesthetist a sporting chance and packed in smoking. Smoking cigarettes anyway. I bought a vape from no-match. One of these. I’ve been a devoted customer ever since. Never gone back to cigarettes, no desire to whatsoever – and totally uncomplicated – I think if I’d had to face the technical complications you have described I would have given up at the first hurdle. 

    • Yes, I’ve got a similar jobbie to that one in the link. I think the battery on mine is a bit longer, but otherwise much the same. It’s ok. I use it sometimes, but not that often. I tend to go through phases of using it quite often, and not using it at all. The only e-liquid I find at all palatable is the menthol one. Which is odd, really, because I almost never smoke menthol cigs. The ‘tobacco’ flavours are universally disgusting, and I just can’t get into the chocolate / apple / coffee / caramel etc jobs. I’ve thrown more of those away than I care to admit.

      I can’t see myself buying anything like the one GD shows in his post. Who needs all that variable wattage shit anyway? Either it smokes or it doesn’t. End of. It seems to me that an awful lot of vapers get positively obsessive about vaping, and have to have the latest / most powerful / shiniest / most buttons and controls / fastest / biggest piece of kit on the market. A bit like people with their smartphones.

      Anyway, if I was in Norfolk I’d vote for you, Anna.(It is Norfolk, isn’t it?) Perhaps you should charter an ambulance to bring you down here. You’d poll better than the useless pricks who are currently stealing every cent we possess and selling us down the Swanee for a mess of pottage.

      • No she’s not standing (actually she is lying…the only candidate to admit that she will be lying from the start and on ketamine) in Norfolk but North Islington – the home turf of someone called ‘Corbyn’ whoever he is.

        Only e-cig I use is an proper e-cig, none of this modern fancy nonsense. I want something that looks like a proper cig and gets right up the noses of the antis when I use it somewhere. You’re right about the tobacco ‘flavours’, mouldy caramel would be more appealing but they do their job and get me through Departure Lounge Cold Turkey.

        Recently wrote a bit of a snotty email to the coach company that does the runs to Belgium, the baccy runs. I know UK law won’t allow smoking on the bus (remember that boys and girls, UK law. Not Brussels. Our own sovereign and independent democratically elected MPs did this to you NOT the EU) but to forbid vaping on a coach full, by definition, of smokers?!?!  I think there were two people on the coach tops, who didn’t smoke.



        • the only candidate to admit that she will be lying from the start”  Now that is a brilliant slogan, if ever I saw one!

    • When electrofags first came out I got one of those look-alike yokes for Herself and an electronic pipe for myself.  Since then the pipe broke [didn’t bother replacing it] and she progressed to one like yours.  For some reason she never took to it except in emergencies [hospital visits and the like].  She expressed an interest in the latest yoke and being a right fucking eejit loving husband I bought her one in the hope that it would be more successful.

      The only problem she’s having now is that being 90% bed-ridden she tends to hold it in the wrong position, with the body higher than the mouthpiece which tends to irritate the atomiser.  I have been trying to train help her by suggesting that all the liquid will pour out if she holds it that way.  Seems to be working.

      Hope things are still going well with you Anna!  Where can I apply for a postal vote for Islington?

  5. Now I am supposed to be an expert in electronics, having studied it at third level but I grant that my qualifications are a tad outdated [do they make valves any more?] and I am damned if I can work out where resistance comes into vapour.

    Yes they still make valves – they have a cult following among audiophiles for their tonal quality and vinyl is also making a comeback. I suppose some people prefer to hear scratches and rumbles to the music.

    Resistance comes into vapour because the lower the coil resistance the higher the wattage for a given voltage (ohm’s law) and the hotter the coil. The lower resistance coils enable the electrofag to vapourize a larger amount of liquid to produce lots of vapour, but this is also dependant on airflow. If you vape mouth to lung like an ordianry cigarette, then you can’t use full airflow (you need some restriction) and therefore you are limited to a lower wattage and higher strength of nicotine, because with restricted airflow the vapour is less dense.

    If you vape direct to lung then you need full airflow with no restriction. That means vaping on a higher wattage to produce more vapour which is more dense. This method is more satisfying and should you not lower the nicotine content you will be feeling a bit nauseous after just a couple of puffs.

    As an example, when I first took up vaping I used the pen type battery with a Protank on it. I vaped mouth to lung on around 8 watts, using 24mg liquid. I have now progressed to a box mod, the Innokin Coolfire TC100 battery, which runs up to 100 watts. On this I have an E-Leaf Melo2 tank, with a 0.3 ohm coil. I vape direct to lung on 30 watts which gives me a fairly dense, satisfying vapour, but I have lowered the nicotine content to 12mg and will need to go down a bit further, possibly to 9mg.

    The device can run between 1W and 40W.  Wow, but I’m impressed, but what the fuck does that mean?  Will 40W make it go faster or does it just use more electricity?  Will I be able to read by the light of its 40W output?

    It goes up to 40W but if you were to use it at that level the battery would be dead after a few minutes. I have a much bigger battery than I actually need, because the charge has to last through a 12 hour night shift at work. As you would probably already know, the Ah rating of a battery is a better gauge of how long the battery is likely to last between charges, depending on the wattage you use it on. I think mine is rated at 4.2Ah.

    Then there is a choice of coils.  What the fuck is a sub-ohm coil?  Surely the lower the resistance, the greater the current and the greater the chance of blowing Herself up?

    She might do that if she doesn’t use the correct charger. The tech of these batteries requires very tightly controlled charging voltages and currents. A sub-ohm coil just means that the coil resistance is under 1 ohm. Some e-cigs will not detect a coil of less than 1 ohm, they report ‘no atomizer’.

    Its much cheaper, by the way, to make your own e-liquid. You can get everything you need online at Vampire Vape (their tobacco flavours actually taste like tobacco – They also have an online calculator for working out the amounts of the ingredients for a given strength, but there is a better calculator called ‘eJuice Me Up’ which is free, calculates for a mixture of up to 10 flavours and runs on your computer (

    • I love it when people talk dirty in my own language!  Okay, the battery is a 2.2Ah which is fine for her needs.  In fact the only problem is finding a charging lead long enough to reach to the nearest power socket if she wants to use it while charging. 

      Those links look intriguing.  Even better – they deliver to Ireland.  I may well set up a little laboratory in the garden shed [in case of explosions] and do some experimenting.  If she sticks with her new toy it may well be the way to go.

      • You’ll have to be fast then! Thanks to those wonderful people in Brussels from May 20th you will only be able to buy liquids in 10 ml bottles and with a maximum strength of 20 mg nicotine per ml. They’re also already discussing a sin tax on liquid.

        Oh, and another “btw”: The e-cig you bought for Herself has a battery you can’t change. The accidents with “exploding” e-cigs usually happened when idiots put lose batteries in their pockets together with change or keys and caused a short. As Einstein said: There are two things that are infinite – the universe and the stupidity of humans … He wasn’t sure about the universe though. 😉

        Search for “storage base” with high nicotine content, then buy PG (propylene glycole) and VG (vegetable glycerine) with 0 nicotine for mixing down to the strength you want. I don’t know if you’ll still be able to get your hands on storage base – the vendors are allowed to sell what they produced before Nov 2016 until May 19. So, many vendors already are sold out, at least here in Germany. But even if you can’t get the cheapest storage base any more: Calculate for yourself how much you can save using even the more expensive storage base in comparison to the prices for 10 ml bottles of ready made liquid.

        Btw: Nicotine isn’t half as dangerous as everbody used to believe until about two years back an Austrian toxicologist found out that the supposed toxicity level went back to some dubious experiments of someone in the 19th century ( You can’t of course test on humans, and if you do the usual tests on mice, it won’t tell you much because their metabolism is pretty different from us humble humans. But it’s clear now, that nicotine isn’t all that toxic to handle – if in doubt, use gloves, otherwise it will do to simply wash off liquid with water if you get it on your hands. And btw the wrong toxicity levels were the official reason for the Brussels apparatchiks to limit nicotine content of liquids to 20 mg per ml – to save the cheeeeldren™, of course.. Inofficially, one might doubt if that was / is the reason … but I digress 😉

      • She can charge that battery from any convenient USB port such as a laptop or even one of those in the TV set. Its mains chargers that you have to choose carefully, some don’t control the charging voltage closely enough. Up until a few weeks ago I was topping mine up at work between breaks by connecting it to the USB networking port in the weld set, but I got told off for doing that. There are also ‘inserts’ that you can buy, which turn the cigarette lighter socket of your car into a 2 port USB charger and those work fine.

        Claudia – to my knowledge the restrictions on liquids doesn’t apply to the DIY products – I could be wrong. But I buy 250ml bottles of nicotine liquid at 72mg, its expensive but makes gallons of the stuff when mixed with PG/VG and flavouring. Bargain Booze do 3x10ml bottles of pre-mixed for a tenner, but mixing my own works out at around a quarter of that cost. I go through just under a 30ml bottle per week, so the savings for me are substantial.

        • The 3×10 ml are there because from 20th May onwards the vendors are not allowed to sell bottles bigger than 10 ml .- the restrictions also apply to the DIY products. You will be able to buy PG / VG without nicotine in greater bottles but as soon as the liquid contains nicotine it’s regulated by the TPD .- 10 ml and max. 20 mg / ml.

          You want to keep it as cheap as now, you’ll need to stock up!

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