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  1. Not up to speed GD. Those there fashion (and makeup, and food) blogs can bring in some very serious money once you’ve got the numbers.

    Then you make a deal with some firm or whatever to endorse their product.

    Put in a link and for every completed sale you get a cut.

    Of course you haven’t quite hit the numbers yet and most of your readers have more interest in the weather forecast than fashion, makeup or food. But you could venture into drawing cartoons, getting a good story line and some endearing characters.

    Then get a nice factory in China to run up a couple of thousand dolls of your characters and flog those to your readers. Same technique used by Pixar and “Toy Story”, you only need to have a fantastic Imagination, great drawing skills, a completely new set of readers, and indulgent parents.  

    • I know all about the advertising revenue, but basically that means their sites are just blatant advertising hoardings.  I have frequently had enquiries from people wanting to advertise here but I have [nearly] always turned them down as they would piss me off [let alone any readers I may have] every time I would see them.

      A set of Grandad dolls?  The mind boggles!

      • A set of Grandad dolls?  The mind boggles!

        I just conjured up an image of one of these “dolls”. I’m sure you would have appreciated how the doll was put together (the “authentic look of the thing”) and especially what it does/says when you yanked on the pull string. Unfortunately, I doubt the parents would.

      • Novelty Grandad Pipes would sell well, How about some Grandad bongs, Grandad Lighters, Grandad Pipe Cleaners


        This time next year you’ll be a millionaire

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