A Dog’s Purpose — 5 Comments

  1. A dog is a dog is a dog. Some dogs are more dogged than others. Some are doggone dogs. God is dog spelt backwards – if you believe in God you believe in dogs. Credo in unum dominum canem. Today’s first sunny day of summer has a touch of divinity about it.

  2. On the subject of software, Mint Onna Stix (that’s Ubuntu-But-Works OS, or a ‘ live distro’ as the linux fanbois would have me call it- seriously guys , put down the Pizza and get a life!) is currently saving my bacon again. That OS has gotten me out of more Windows holes than even Puppy back in the day. Bummer that the software i need daily only runs on MS (and I’ve never yet found Wine etc to be any use to man nor dog).


    • The safest way is to not dig yourself into the hole in first place!

      What software doesn’t run?  [or if it’s something you wouldn’t want a priest to hear – send me a mail.]

      • Thank you but after posting my last comment I thought to go to and actually check if there was a ‘nix version.Not only is there one but they even do an online client so I may , when this latest hole has been filled (I need B A N D W I D T H!) I shall give some serious thought to nuking Widnows off the laptop with the dodgy HDD ( i love the smell of frying harddrives in the morning) and installing Mint cos the last couple of weeks Windows has caused me no end of grief.

        And where does one get savile.exe and all my beloved donkey-midget-nun porn from except from a Priest?

        • Ha!  One more rescued from the Dark Side!  Of course it is simple enough to use dual boot, just for old time’s sake.

          And where does one get savile.exe and all my beloved donkey-midget-nun porn from except from a Priest?  Google or YouTube!

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