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  1. Never read your wife’s diary, her email, letters she’s written before she met you (or maybe after?) and never peek over your wife’s shoulder (even virtually) when she’s on her computer. Bad things will ensue.

    Shoving your yet unfinished book under her nose to save your pension was a decent try though, I’ll give you that.

    • She knows I have that software.  She was forever telling me to look at something on her screen and I would get a crick in the neck peering sideways at it.  It was easier just to install a remote reader.

      I am currently going through a section of the book rewriting it with some of her suggestions [which in retrospect were quite good]!

  2. Two points: We have the ‘ebay’ equivalent in NZ called ‘Trademe’. From what I can see most products have been bought from a Chinese site called ‘aliexpress’ and relisted with a significant hike in price. As for my scribblings- the missus makes a point of not reading my drivel as she finds it too weird. She says living with me is one long tragic adventure novel with a few hot gypsies thrown in. Fair enough.   

    • Herself has a whole range of sites she browses.  If it were only eBay, I could block it on the router and cause World War III but blocking a large rage of sites would be difficult.  I wonder if I could install one of those parental filters and block such words as “sale”, “bargain” and the like?

  3. ” Prince George: So, Dr. Johnson. Sit ye down. Now, this book of yours…tell me, what’s
       it all about?

    Dr.Samuel Johnson: It is a book about the English language, sir.

    Prince George: I see! And the hero’s name is what?

    Dr.Johnson: There is no hero, sir.

    Prince George: No hero? Well, lucky I reminded you. Better put one in pronto! Ermm…
       call him `George’. `George’ is a good name for a hero. Er, now; what about

    Dr.Samuel Johnson: There is no heroine, sir…unless it is our Mother Tongue.

    Prince George: Ah, the *mother’s* the heroine. Nice twist. How far have we got, then? Old
       Mother Tongue is in love with George the Hero. Now what about murders?
       Mother Tongue doesn’t get murdered, does she?

    Dr.Samuel Johnson: No she doesn’t. No-one gets murdered, or married, or in a tricky situation
       over a pound note!

    Prince George: Well, now, look, Dr. Johnson, I may be as thick as a whale omelette, but
       even I know a book’s got to have a plot.

    Dr.Samuel Johnson: Not this one, sir. It is a book that tells you what English words mean.

    Prince George: I *know* what English words mean; I *speak* English! You must be a bit
       of a thicko. “



  4. “…some of her suggestions…which in retrospect were quite good!”

    God! I hope you haven’t made the mistake of telling her so?

    • What do you take me for?  She still has the original version on her laptop so she won’t see any changes and that’s the way it shall stay.

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