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    • I am neither a glass-half-full nor a glass-half-empty person.  I’m more a glass-needs refilling type.

      It’s amazing though how I can now actually read the screen…

  1. I was going to say, “Try cleaning your glasses”, but you beat me to it. The same thing happened to me once several years ago. The wife and I sat down to watch a movie, me with my usual “watch a movie glasses” hanging off my nose. It wasn’t long before I realized that the whole TV was fuzzy when it should have been clear. So I removed the glasses to see if they’d been smudged without my knowledge (cats) and everything suddenly popped into sharp relief. Odd that, when normally I couldn’t see much sans glasses.

    Then the wife suggested I check my blood sugar. So I did and it was so high it error’d out the glucose mirror (above 400 I believe) hence the improved eyesight. I don’t recommend that as a substitute for glasses though.

      • I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth strangely enough so when type 1 (adult) diabetes reared it’s ugly head you might understand when I say I was quite taken aback.

        But I did appreciate the irony of the situation.

        Besides, my body has always been a pain for the doctors to work with as it’s not consistent in anything and has obviously not read any of the medical text books, so getting the blood glucose under control was a bit hit and miss for awhile there. These days it’s strictly insulin injections with A1C tests every 4 months or so.

        Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I’m now at the bifocal stage in my life but at least I can see the movies we watch with ’em and my blood sugar is more or less under control.

  2. You may jest, GD, but my dear old mum, at the ripe old age of around 88 was told that she no longer needed glasses for distance any more as her long sight had “righted” itself.  Apparently it isn’t that unusual for that to happen in elderly folks.  There – that’s something for you to look forward to, eh?

    • The same thing is happening here.  I get my eyes tested every year or two and each time they reduce the strength of the lenses.

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