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  1. Started a Gluten and egg free diet just before Christmas, not because it’s a fad but because of allergies. Have to admit it’s a pain in the hoop but I do feel better. No more permanent congestion,  which is the biggest improvement






    • There’s nothing wrong with following a diet because of allergies, and in fact it’s the obvious path.  But going on a gluten free diet jsut because some brain dead bimbo says it’s great is more than sad, particularly [as the article points out] as it an expensive way to buy food.  The only thing I can say is that the fad followers really deserve to be ripped off.

      • No more batter sausages, no more lager, Question mark about whether Guinness is gluten free seeing as it is hops and not wheat based 


        Truly is a pain

  2. I’m on a diet.

    It’s the ‘Eat What The Fuck You Want, When You Want And As Much As You Want’ diet.

    I combine it with the ‘Drink And Smoke As Much As You Like’ diet, for maximum benefit.

    It seems to work very well for me.

    In fact, I’m thinking of starting a Farcebook page to promote them. I just have to work out how I can get people to pay to learn the inner secrets of my amazingly beneficial diets.

  3. If we survive this period it will be know in the future as the ‘Age of Stupidity’.

  4. I follow a strict eating regime.

    I eats what she gives me.

    Works for me.

    Then I do the dishes.

    Small price to pay, eh?

  5. It’s odd, but it does happen. Twiggy resulted in stacks of young ladies (young being relative) trying to emulate the look. Then those jeans that exposed one’s arse – started with some gang in the States, then a rap artist, then shifted to the UK. Same with shoes, females know they can never look like their heroine but they can wear the same shoes and accessories. Ditto Lady Di hairstyles. Even the weather lady on the BBC has her cult following, though she is the best advert we have for Scotland at the moment.

    I only ventured into two outrageous things, gigantic flared jeans and platform shoes. Big mistake.

    Also tried the “Cambridge Diet” way back with the original formula that included some form of tree gum. Lost weight but felt awful. Quit that and lost more just by watching calories.

  6. I disagree with your premise that sheeples are following a fad diet. I think more and more people are finding out that wheat affects them negatively. It’s almost like a huge worldwide “allergy” against wheat actually. The reason is not that we are evolving to not eat gluten – or following a fad, but the reason is that modern wheat of a short variety (easy to harvest) is grown, sprayed and milled quite differently than it was before. It has additives put in it, bleached and the nutritious aspect is removed to preserve it longer in storage – indefinitely and pest-free. Gluten is added to bread and pastas to make it more malleable. It’s not US that’s the mess – it’s the flour we make things from!

    Quote – We have mutant seeds, grown in synthetic soil, bathed in chemicals. They’re deconstructed, pulverized to fine dust, bleached and chemically treated to create a barren industrial filler that no other creature on the planet will eat. And we wonder why it might be making us sick?

    Quote – If all this alarms you, the simple and obvious prescription is “don’t eat wheat”. Hence the gluten-free craze. But, for most of us, there is an alternative solution: don’t eat industrial flour made with modern wheat.

    • Only about 1% of people worldwide actually have celiac disease, and they do need to be very careful with their diet. As for those who proclaim they feel so much better on a gluten-free regime, no doubt the placebo effect has something to do with that. Incidentally, remember that many ‘gluten free’ foods are highly processed. (If you’d been arguing against continued use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos, I might’ve been more sympathetic to your cause.)

      • I am! And all the rest! I think dismissing that people feel a benefit on a wheat-free (gluten-free) diet as “placebo” is arrogant as hell! The diet is used by mainstream medicine for other conditions too – not just celiac disease – with great success! I think those on a “gluten free” diet are avoiding “wheat”. In commercially prepared food – it’s on the packaging. And I presume you would agree that avoiding commercially prepared food is a good idea, yes?

        • I didn’t read her comment as dismissive or arrogant. The placebo effect is very very powerful as I discovered last year myself when I started taking a ‘food supplement’ . It was like being (or at least remembering being) 20 years younger. Normally a couple of hours driving will leave me crippled, for example, but on Astaxathine I drove from Norfolk to southern Belgium without painkillers, without almost getting arrested for dropping my strides and lubing up my groin and hips with prescription strength NSAI gel on a Motorway Service station this side of Antwerp. I didn’t just get off the floor after playing with Granddaughter 2 , I bounced off the floor the way only a teenager could. I slept 8 hours every night, without prostrate calls and awoke so full of energy I would shower BEFORE my first coffee or fag of a morning. As I said to my gob smacked GP “It’s like being on fucking crack”[sic].


  7. Personally I follow the ‘Colour Coded Diet’. Common sense tells you that if you want a room painted brown then you don’t use green paint. Our digestive organs, stomach and bowel etc are red brown in colour, therefore I only eat and drink things the right colour. With a few exceptions that I smother in HP sauce to cover up their wrong colourness. I eat nothing green, nothing the wrong colour.  Brown foods such as Tea, coffee, tar (from cigs) beer, dead moo-cow as burgers or steak, deep fried pork based crispy things, chocolate…that’s what your body needs! White crap like tofu is pure colour poison.

    (NB ‘dark gold’ coloured foods like Whiskey & chips are also acceptable).

    • I like your Colour Code Diet – good wheeze!

      There’s a flaw: Quorn.  It’s brown, so you might think it’s edible, but it’s a vile abomination made from a slime-mould (not mushrooms as they pretend).

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