Slimer Wormtongue — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, nicely said, BD. People like that wouldn’t know the meaning of honesty if it came up and barked in their face.

    Reiko is at least honest in that she openly does all her tricks to make a buck. And I bet she’s a hoot to go out for a drink with. Girls like that usually are. (Unlike your doorstepper.) And don’t ask me how I know about girls like Reiko, because I’m not going to tell you.


  2. ” to go out for a drink with ”

    But perhaps NOT for a cup of something….Grandad having gotten his revenge on me for my suggesting he google ‘tub girl’ (actually I craftily told him NOT to google it) by getting me to google in turn ‘two girls and their cup’. BASTARD! Fortunately I only googled it in ‘normal’ google not Google Images.


    There are some things even a professional pervert shouldn’t have to see. DAMN HIM!

  3. Homer Simpson once said “we laugh because it’s true” and I’ve been laughing all morning since reading this. Reiko Shitmora for P.M.

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