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  1. While most hosting companies offer “unlimited disk space, which is a nonsense term (try upoading a few Terabytes of files and see how quickly they complain

    Ain’t THAT the Truth!!  And not just when you start on a few Terry-bites. Once upon a time , not so long ago, I had the bright idea of hosting a few 500mb-700mb files on one of my domains (I lose count) for others to download at their leasure instead of them having to pay premium prices to use Upwoadeddotnetto. A good idea I thought …until I read the ‘500mb’ upload limit’ on my hosting control panel.

    I must get around to finding cheaper hosting- I have a ‘baby’ US$15 monthly package from Hostgatoraid. I only ever use it for storing the odd thing or so for others  to access like a literal translation of the bible in German or some rude Norfolk songs. Every month I get pissed off by the threatening ‘pay or else’ email from Heistgaydor which I have to pay as a I have a couple of redirects for others set up (Smoking hot’s site runs via  such a redirect).

    I did once set up a VNP/SSL Tunnel type thingy which was extremely useful and saved faffing about with Proxies  but can’t for the life of me recall how or where I read The Idiots Guide on it.



    • Did a check yesterday on my traffic through my Interweb connection – rapidly approaching the Terror-byte level.  Amazing how big those films soundfiles web files are these days?

  2. Blimey GD, all those servers in the basement, a global Matrix control centre AND palm trees and a sunkissed beach in the back garden! No wonder you call it ‘The Manor’! Who’d a thunk!

    • …says he from some tropical asian Shangri-La where nubile willing very young women, good beer and cheap smokes flow as unto the Milk & Honey didth out of Jordan?
      Mr Kettle, While you were out a Mr.Pott phoned.

    • Those servers actually are quite good for keeping the Manor above freezing point during our summer.  I’m just hoping the planning people don’t get to hear about ’em.

  3. O/T

    I note some insignificant in your country is suggesting an Irexit (it does have a certain ring to it).

    And that video about UK’s exit bill. I’ve always wondered what became of the £7 billion we lent you back in 2010. Any idea if they repaid us?

    • Meh!  Wishful thinking.  Never heard of him, though I wish he were right.

      Any idea if they repaid us?”  D’you mean you want it back?

  4. Well I visit regularly. Meant to ask: is that old feller your own painting? Like.

    • No it’s not.  It’s actually a character in a larger painting that Herself bought for me some years ago.  The reason she bought it was that “the little character on the left is a bit Grandadish”!  I did modify it very slightly as the beard wasn’t long enough.  The nose is a bit big too!  The facial expression is bang on.

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