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  1. and I’m sure someone was adding them up and carried one when they shouldn’t have?

    It does make one wonder about the sobriety of Gardai statisticians/press officers….maybe that lunchtime pint at breakfast wasn’t such a good idea?
    Or maybe too much dope “Uhm like a million like dude or maybe like two or whatever, who cares maaaaan?”

    • They have to get rid of the stuff somehow?  Fair’s fair.  Used to live next door to a uniform – got a grand supply of Poteen every Christmas.

  2. O/T but might amuse you Grandad this Saturday morn if you’ve no seen it befores -I’ve posted it on AR I think.

    Now I’m away to the Car Boot to see if I can find a Dolls ‘Buggy’ or pushchair type thing for Granddaughter2 (terrible 2s) , who just “LUbBz” her ‘Baay-beee’…(‘LubBzing seems to involve putting ‘Baaay-bee ‘nite – nites’ by dashing it’s brains out on the floor before covering it with a tea-cloth…those Scotch Celtic genes, that give her her mutant red hair, will out I assume).


  3. Wasn’t that auld fucker Norris supposed to be at death’s door when the senate abolition vote was mooted?  Must have a good health insurance scheme!

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