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  1. Is someone spying on you, listening to your convos? Is it your telly? Is there a bug in the backdoor of your pooter? Unsolicited advertising gets on my nerves too. For example I just logged in to check on e-mails and up pops the notice “You have an ad-blocker.” You don’t say! I wonder why I found it necessary to install one… “Would you like to know how to disable it then you can see our targeted adverts?” Oh dearie me, Did I install it by accident in a fit of madness? No! All I want is to read my e-mails in peace without flashy crap of no interest to me popping up left and right annoying the bejabers out of me! One of the options to make the pop-up go away was “I don’t care!” Nice and appropriate imo ๐Ÿ˜€
    The Mayo clinic? Is that for Mayonnaise malaise?

    BTW Grandad I still haven’t got normal visitation rights of your blog as discussed previously. No proxy use by me means no side-bar as per screen shots I sent you a while ago. ๐Ÿ™ Could be the weather conditions…?

    • I’m used to the CIA, NSA, FBI and all those other Mercan Acronyms spying on me but I can spot them a mile off.  It’s not them.  Maybe it’s the Internet Wing of the Health Fascists?

      I would love to know the thinking behind those notices begging us to switch off ad blockers.  Do they expect us to suddenly take an interest in just their rubbish?  Does it not cross their tiny minds that the reason we have ad blockers is that we don’t want to see ads?

      Sorry, but could you send another screenshot and all relevant details again – you are proof of my rule that nothing is ever needed until after it has been binned.  I didn’t deliberately bin it – just a routine clear out of around 4,000 mails.

    • A forum I frequent based in Thailand recently thought that they were being really smart by installing an adblock detector which made a large popup cover the screen for 30 seconds exhorting you to turn off your adblock. This was predictably greeted by howls of protest and mass abandonment of the site.

      At the time I was using adblock plus, but a bit of research turned up another called ublock, which has the facility to detect adblock detectors and fool them into thinking that your adblock is disabled. It doesn’t work on all sites, but it did on this Thai one.

        • Nope!  Or else, was this you – ?  I found that sandwiched between “how Jennifer Hudson got her sim figure” [who the fuck is Jennifer Hudson?] and yet another offer of a bargain charter jet hire.

  2. I think it’s Supershadow. He is planting advanced hearing aids into the ears of Jedi like yourself so you can hear the instructions from General Llareggub, commander of the federation forces.

  3. Easy way to get rid of unsolicited snail mail. Stick it all in an envelope and send it back to company with no stamp. I guarantee you’ll not get any more from them. Emails, of course, can be blocked.

    • Unfortunately most of the firms who send out spam now tend to refuse to accept (and pay for) any unfranked letters. IME.


  4. There’s obviously a list of ‘ancient ones’ in circulation: those who just might need a hearing aid. I regularly receive their bumph, but there’s nothing wrong with my hearing … sorry, can you please say that again?

  5. My hearing aids have a lovely bluetooth function so they can be “paired” up with up to 8 devices at a time (can you imagine?) Since I don’t own 8 devices I’m pretty much safe although I do have it paired up to a special bluetooth base that I plugged into the audio-out of my TV so the soundtrack of the movies we watch comes right out of my hearing aids and into my brain. I still have to use closed captions but hearing the sound track helps immensly.

    I’ve also received the same kind of junk emails you mention, especially the one about walk in bathtubs. I’ve always imagined the walk-in door failing with a tub full of water and me being flushed down the stairs with the torrent. Not something that appeals to me.

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