The weight of the world — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t know how it is for you getting an appointment, but our great and glorious NHS puts so many hurdles in the way that you have to get sick by appointment some two weeks in advance if you want to see a GP here – that or be at Death’s door and beg them to phone you back. All to do with the Tiny Blur’s idiotic targets requiring people to have appointments within 48 hours or some such. Anyway, what we have is an example of unintended consequences. In France, you just rock up at the surgery and wait your turn. Much more civilized.

    • I phoned at around ten and got an appointment after lunch.  I could have gone down there and then and waited with the Plebs [no appointment necessary in the mornings].  It’s one of the great advantages in living in a village, and also the fact that he’s a vet doing a sideline helps.

      Local medicine is fine here, but if you need a hospital, you’re fucked.  There are horrendous waiting lists and you’d be lucky to get called within a year.  You’d be even luckier to get back out in one piece.  We crave a Third World health service here.

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