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  1. The “excess charge” is about trying to legitimize the massive expenditure on meters. There is no evidence of widespread excessive use – private swimming pools are very rare, and garden sprinkler systems, are pointless in our climate. 

    Of course, if there is an excess charge, there should be an under use rebate, for which your meter would bring you a steady income

    • Fair point about the rebate.  Maybe I could pipe the water from my roof into the system and charge them?

    • Fair share?  Dammit, we get everyone else’s share as well.  What’s fair about that? 

      [N.B. It’s pissing down outside as I type this…]

      • I’ll have to take the bike across the Irish Sea again soon. The roads are just right for riding and the weather makes for cracking photography. All that low lying mist in the glens…

        • Drop me a line if you decide to take a trip.  I’ll even let you buy me a pint or several.

  2. Sorry Grandad you are not seeing all aspects here. If they get away with this (as they have here in the UK step by step) they then split the water bill, a charge to supply water and another charge for removing it, and not just the smelly bits that need treatment. They charge because they have responsibility to provide drains to remove excess rainwater collected by your building. In your climate they could make a killing.

    • They did that already.  So far as I know the bills came in two parts – water supply and sewage.  I never paid them so I can’t help there!  My biggest fear was the prospect of the selling the whole enterprise to some foreign company who would ony care about profits and dividends while the customer could die of thirst.

      • Yes, it was called a ‘sewage’ charge here as well, and was quite small compared to the water supply charge – but it has now transmogrified into a ‘wastewater’ charge and escalated above the supply charge. Of course rainwater disposal is not metered so it’s based on the council tax band and you can’t economise and cut the bill with a meter, plus I understand  they charge for the rainwater removal from business premises based on some formula of roof area.

  3. That shower  in Brussels should tread lightly anois,the working class and the pensioners (Iam one) have had enough of them telling us what to do.Take a look at the UK.Push us far enough and we could be next.  

    • They are stuck in a cleft stick – to they appease the rest of us after Brexit and ease off on the bullying or do they increase their powers [United States of Europe] to tighten the grip on anyone who may consider leaving?

  4. Granddad, did you get my last email (the ‘crap’ one)? I’m a little worried it might have gone straight to spam-where it probably belonged, mind you, or has it been eaten by gmail? You do tend to reply very promptly and i’ve had some emails go missing this last few weeks.

    • Most mails I get mention ‘crap’, usually with reference to my scribblings.   

      I got utterly pissed off with spam some time ago and it all automatically gets dumped now, so I can’t track back.  You can be assured though, if I had seen it I wouldn’t have binned it.  Unless I didn’t like it, of course.

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