Drinking Bitumen — 13 Comments

  1. I’m trying to get someone to do a small driveway too. (someone other than Kenny’s ethnic minority). Suppose it’s a bit late to start smoking?

    • It is NEVER too late.  Incidentally, is it time smokers stake a claim as an ethnic minority?

  2. Today 2nd March is World Book Day, Grandad. Before it’s over, could you recommend a couple of your favourite books (written by other authors) which may, or may not, have relevance to smoking?

  3. I’m sure it helps you stay waterproof, might be a good thing in your climate.


    • Of course it hasn’t.  If people’s lungs were full of the stuff then why are so many smokers’ lungs used in transplants?  I have heard tell that surgeon can’t even tell whether a person is a smoker or not just by looking at the lungs.  All bollox of course, but we’re used to that.

  4. I notice that today 4th March is the anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner becoming the US National Anthem. Could you post up for us the opening lyrics of either the Marsellaise or The Sash my Father Wore in honour of this solemn occasion? (It’s spelled honor in America.)

    • No.  They can damn well look up the words for themselves.

      Anyway, today is the 3rd.

  5. Dear Grandad

    You could always pop over the border on Wednesday 8th and celebrate our nosmo king day.

    I shall be lighting up one of my 6 ciggies a year in support of smokers’ rights to not be abused by taxpayer funded charlatans like that nice Ms Arnott.


  6. I inhale a mug full of tar every morning, well tar is what other people call it I call it coffee. No one ever asks me to make coffee ever again after I make it once.

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