The Pleasure of Smoking — 4 Comments

  1. Can you believe this? Yesterday one of our major Canadian news networks reported that the Canadian government was thinking about proposing a new piece of legislation that would make it illegal to smoke in your very own apartment (flat) or condominium (a flat that you own). I guess we will have to hire thousands of Smoke Police to knock on every apartment door hoping someone will open it so they can smell tobacco smoke and issue a fine or lock you up. Or maybe someone will invent a tobacco smoke detector that will be hooked up to a cental monitoring system to be manditory in every residence. This is insanity run amok.

    • Welcome Rick [and apologies for nearly missing your arrival].  To be honest, nothing surprises me any more and I will believe just about anything I hear about draconian laws.  There are quite a few areas around the globe where smoking is banned in private homes, usually in state owned property or apartment blocks.  I know ASH in the UK are secretly aiming to attempt to ban smoking in all private housing.  I wish them luck with that!

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