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  1. They let Kids in Eire play with Frogs Spawn still?!??!?! Surely it’s a criminal offence to disturb the natural habit of any creature? Animal cruelty?! Sexualizing kids and thereby ruining their innocence about the reproductive system- one might almost call it ‘grooming’. Have you no shame? Have you been CRB checked (or whatever it is in Ireland)? 

    Concerned parents and nannying busybodies everywhere need answers!

    • This is a no-rules house [apart from my rules of course].  They can play with whatever they like.

      Actually young Sir Fartzalott was playing with Penny when he turned to me with a very serious expression on the face –

      “Grandad?  I think you mad a mistake with Penny.  I think she’s a boy.”

      I asked what led to that conclusion.

      “She has a little thing between her back legs!”

      I wasn’t going to explain the precise anatomy of a bitch [not being a full expert myself] but pointed out that she had had puppies, which sort of proved the point.  He seemed happy with that, though a little surprised.  I assume he saw the human female version at some point which would explain things?

    • How come that no matter how many times I read my shit, I fail to spot something that someone else will spot?

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