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  1. All the best to you sir and many more days.

    I’ve decided I’ll grow up the day I die, don’t want to rush these things

  2. A very merry birthday to you, sir! Although I’m 9 years and some months younger than yourself I also feel, despite what my body keeps telling me (the rotten bastard), I’m a solid 25. A rather experienced 25 but 25 nonetheless.

    Drinking to your health. It’s only  coffee but it will have to do.

  3. I know how you feel GD. I hit 67 last summer, and yet I don’t feel in the slightest bit old. Old is for old people, not for me. And I intend to grow old disgracefully.

    Anyway, happy birthday mate, and greetings from Bangkok.

    • Nisaki (apologies to GD for hi-jacking) could you email me on jacquesketch at geemale please, I’d like to ask you something about cigs in Thailand.?

  4. Thanks everyone.  As Ian points out above, I should have at least another thirty one more to look forward to.

    Unless the Religion of Health gets me first…..

  5. Happy Birthday!

    As I’m not quite 66, I feel so much younger!  My old mother used to say (when in her 80s) that she felt just the same inside as when she was in her 20s.  It’s only the other buggers, who see our outsides, who think we’re older.

    Keep fit and avoid the state death camps (hospitals) like the plague.

    • My old mother used to say (when in her 80s) that she felt just the same inside as when she was in her 20s.

      I hate to break it to you but your dear old mom was telling you porkies! Every time I try and get up off the floor after playing with Granddaughter2 (18months) I feel every single one of my 49 winters -both inside and out!

      And before old age makes me forget again: Happy Birthday Granddad.

      *now excuse me please whilst i get back to discussing the merits of Thai fags and “Lady-boys” with Nisaki.

    • Thanks Mick!  I’m actually a bit older now than I was on Sunday.  Time to move to Schull and gain a few days?

  6. Sorry to be late GB, but you may already know why.  Just a really serious wish for your birthday happiness and continued desire to live and comment amongst us.  Although older (no willie waving) by several years  your outpourings still brighten my day.  Long may you continue to prick the awareness of those in charge – mostly idiots who managed to convince enough sheeple to vote them into office.

    Very best wishes,


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