A nonny mouse — 11 Comments

    • I have.  Several variations as I kept mislaying them.  None seemed to have any affect whatsoever except to cause the daughter to moan about the high pitched whistle.  Maybe she’s a rodent? 

  1. *Meine Führerin*. You could furtively trap the craytur alive and donate to a pet shop. Apodemus sylvaticus would be a lovely birthday present, but rattus rattus is a no no. 

    • If I could be bothered to catch it alive I would gently let it free some distance from the house.

      And don’t talk to me about rattus rattus!  I had one of those fuckers a couple of years ago.  Did untold damage to the house.  I even had to rip up a solid wood floor as the little [?] shit had chewed through a central heating pipe underneath.

      • Rattus rattus could chew through the tall brass neck of a shifty politician. I wish the lab scientists would kidnap a few of them and carry out experiments. We would then have enlightening New Research Findings for the pol corrs to write about.

        • If you thinks rats is bad, try squirrels! Nasty gnawing things – they love stripping the insulation off wiring but don’t seem to electrocute themselves

  2. I used to pull nightshifts guarding stuff. A sec man. One of the gigs was guarding millions upon millions of Dmarks worth of game consoles. Nintendsegatari had filled a warehouse full of their latest model ready for Xmas. 12 hours a night I sat there to make sure no one broke in, drove up in a fleet of lorries with gangs of loading crews and emptied the place out. Like a lot of the jobs, i was just there to tick a box, an alibi for the insurance. So i sat 12 hours 7 nights a week, 27 days a month. I got real good at something called “Zelda & The Ocarina Of Time”- no i hadn’t known what an ‘ocarina’ was either. I also cataloged a friend’s VHS collection as no one minded if used one of the office TVs and VCRs. “Magnus, my specialist topic is 80s German PVC clad porn”.

    One night I was sitting in the ‘canteen’, feet on the desk, smoking and watching something or the other when out of the corner of my eye I saw a ‘Maus’ come out from a hole in the plastic skirting board.  He looked at me, i at him, and then i threw him a crumb of biscuit. He darted away of course as the centimetre of so of double backed dough hurtled towards him. But it landed just infront of his hole and later that night i got to see him edge out, sniff and then claim his prize. From then on , as far as I was concerned, we was friends. Around midnight most nights he’d come out and I’d throw him some morsel. He run off and then later, having worked up some courage, come back and snaffle the goods.

    Then i started talking to him. That was point I realized I badly needed a change of career. 


  3. I’ve kept wild mice as pets, both the gray ones and the brown and white, caught in a “catch ’em live” tip trap. They did all right, even bred, but never got actually tame. Cute though, and amusing, especially with two or more in a wheel and one decides to stop running. And if you get fed up with them you can always release them again 😉

  4. Many years ago we lived in an old house with its usual crowd of strangers.  One night, sitting on the sofa, I noticed a small mouse amble leisurely in front.  My terribly vicious cat, hero of many battles with rats and mice, sat on the sofa and completely ignored the intruder.  Even trying to provoke a response did not work.  A little later, we went away on holiday and, on return, found said mouse dead on the sofa- evidently from starvation.  Do you think he saw the future and could not be bothered to intervene?

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