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  1. the arrestee invariably has a name that sounds like it was invented by a three year old playing with Dad’s typewriter?

    Also known as “triple word score surnames”

  2. Grandad,

    The last bit – “sounds like it was invented by a three year old playing with Dad’s typewriter” reminded me of how the Chinese chose their kids names.
    They put two one inch stainless steel bolt nuts in a tin can, put the lid on and roll it down stairs. Sounds about right…


  3. One thing this Trump hoo-ha at the mo has got me thinking about is “refugee”.  When is a refugee actually a migrant?  When the problem they’re seeking refuge from be it war, natural disater etc is fixed and the don’t return to their homeland.  Time we called them what they really are, imho.  I agree with you GD – saying no to European Grey Porridge!

  4. I have a slightly different slant. 

    For me there are grades of immigrant and as ‘Distant Relative’ points out, there are refugees as well. White Northern Europeans with a skill or trade are desirable as they might possibly dilute the incestuous national bloodline while also offering their own distinctive attitudes and customs. I regard these as grade one because they can easily integrate and can also easily return to their native land if they don’t like it here. 

    Grade two are the refugees and no matter how bad we think things are, it’s far worse in their blighted country and we should help them.

    Grade three though are people who regard their religion as above our laws here and this lot will bring nothing but trouble in their wake. 

    Grade four would be those of a different skin color who desire to find a neighborhood of their own and then make the native Irish unwelcome in that place. Fuck these guys too and they’d be better off setting themselves up somewhere else. Coloured people who seek to integrate though should be welcome to give it a lash.

    So I’d automatically let in grades 1 & 2, forbid grades 3 & 4 and then there’d be a fifth grade not covered by the above. These would be judged on a case-by-case basis and they’d either get in or not.

    That’s what I think anyway.

  5. Call me a xenophobe if you like, but like the Donald I want my own country put first.

    Listening this morning to some tosser complaining about the state of accommodation being given to ‘refugees’ but I’m afraid my attitude is you should be grateful to be taken into a safe haven and if you don’t like it then feel free to fuck off back to the third world shithole you came from…

  6. I thought I was going to be flamed for the above, but it seems I survived.

    I agree with John, to a certain extent.  The one proviso I have is the number of homeless here in Ireland, running into the thousands.  Shouldn’t we look after them first?  I am a great believer in the old “charity begins at home” lark.

    Incidentally I didn’t mention it above but there are a few non-nationals in this area and I have no problem with them at all and are perfectly integrated.  There are others [so called nationals] in the neighbourhood that I was happily see deported to Van Diemen’s Land.

  7. I often wonder when I hear those in favor of letting almost everyone in, if they are in jobs where they can be left go. It’s a lot easier to be liberal if you and your family are not directly under pressure. t

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