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    • Any time!  The only small problem is it’s a little more tedious when typing a text message.  And I’ll miss the predictive words!

    • The other way around.  The phone is being used as a phone as the “smart” yoke is too fucking thick.  It;s now just a smart yoke that does everything except act as a phone.

  1. Yes, good move, GD. At the moment, I’m using one of these:

    But I dragged out my old one

    Which I haven’t used for a few years, and bugger me, it fired up straight away without charging!

    I have to say that the Samsung I use has improved markedly since I upgraded the OS from KitKat to Marshmallow., in terms of battery time. These days, when I come to plug it in at night, it’s still showing 90% charge, whereas with the KitKat OS, at the end of the day I’d be lucky to have 50%.

    They’re both dual SIM, but I’ll be using the old Nokia for a Thai SIM when I go in a few weeks (the Samsung has a Greek and a UK SIM in it). But as I said in a previous post, I’m seriously considering using the old Nokia for my UK and Greek SIMs when I get back. It has predictive text, internet connection (emails) and all that stuff, as well as being an actual phone with buttons.

    I’m not sure if the images thing is going to work. If it doesn’t, I’ll just post the URLs.

    • My old Nokia was dead as a Dodo when I found it at the back of a cupboard.  I stuck it on charge more in remote hope than anything.  It took several hours to charge but since then [about five days] the little green battery icon yoke is still all green with no signs of any discharge.

      Maybe I’ll muck around with KitKats and Marshmallows and things just for the hell of it?

      The Nokia is great for phonecalls but messy for text [pressing a button a number of times to try to find the right letter] whereas the Samsung is great with its qwerty keypad and full word prediction [which never fails to give me a laugh].  What I may do is use the Nokia exclusively for phone and stick a SIM in the Samsung for texting and everything else.  The only person I text on a regular basis is The Daughter so she’s the only one who would have to use my special “texting number”.

      Now if only I could find that old SIM.  It’s stuck into yet another phone I used for a while.

  2. Current driver Nokia 6500 slidey works as a phone and for texts, the other shit I don’t need, these folks “upgrading” every 6 months is great for me as I got given this by a friend about 4 years ago when she spunked out dosh for one the new things…

    Only problem I have had is a “fat batt”, and the back wouldn’t go on, (battery was bloating and life-expired) a quick look on t’bay procured a replacement for about £6.

    • Your compact Nokia looks nice and idiot proof to me as I’m nontechnical and just want to phone and receive calls; send and receive texts; get mainstream news headlines, and take photos. Anything else I’ll do on the laptop. BTW: My current mobile is a Lumia 640 with all sorts of functions that bewilder me, so I try to ignore them.

  3. Nokia 6310i for me.  I have three.  Two of which are unlocked and in good working condition.  The third is kept for spares.  Batteries still last almost two weeks on standby, and if I need any pooterish stuff I use my Samsung Tablet, which has a far better camera and bluetooths nicely with the phone and the satnag in the car.  Cost is far less than the lowest price contract.  What’s not to like?

  4. My mp3 player went tits up and I couldn’t get a like for like so I stupidly investigated an iPod touch. The lady in the Apple store said buy an iPhone instead because the iPod is just an iPhone with the phone bit taken out. Then I saw the price, thought “bollocks!” and bought a Chinese clone instead. Worked fine but I soon found you need two hands to use a touch screen.

    Luckily my son in law had bought one and junked his iPod classic. He junked it my way! £15 quid on eBay for a new screen and battery. Bingo! 30gb iPod classic you can work with one hand.

    I’m like you. I have a camera that takes pictures and a computer for the web. I listen to music on an iPod. I just want a phone that makes calls. Bought a Nokia dumb phone in Tesco. Cost me £7.99 and came with £10 of call credit on it so basically they paid me to take it away. Payg so no contract. I’ve not used all the credit yet after over a year…


  5. There seems to be a growing pattern here – people with more than one phone and keeping specific phones for specific functions?  It makes a lot of sense though it’s hardly what the manufacturers intended!  The only problem is that we’d need a yoke like a carpenter’s belt to carry them all around!

  6. When i needed my phone, and it had credit i couldnt use it till i topped it up, apparently credit has a use by date , well vodaphone had
    if that makes any sense to you

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