A striking resemblance — 5 Comments

  1. Mites of the Demodex species which inhabit the eyelash follicles have no anus.

    Most people have these mites which are harmless, probably due to their arselessness.

    • No shit?  They sound interesting.  I’ll see if I can find any the next time I’m at a mirror.

      • They’re one  tenth of a millimetre long and live inside the follicle so they’re not that easy to see ie. impossible without a microscope.

        They look like armoured segmented worms with short legs, more or less carrot-shaped. They emerge from the follicles now and then and crawl over the skin but can’t be seen unless a small spot of superglue is applied with a matchstick, dries, and is picked off and put under the microscope, along with whatever you’ve caught. 

        It’s best not to attempt to discuss this with girls in bars, nor the fact that mascara and make-up helps them breed by blocking the pores in which the little fellows thrive. 




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