Killing two birds — 8 Comments

    • Any winter evening around dusk and if there is a blustery wind then there’s a fair chance they’ll do their thing.  It’s a common enough sight to see them perched shoulder to shoulder on overhead wires forming great loops, without a single spare inch between them.  Hitchcock would love it!  If you suffer from Ornithophobia then I advise you steer well clear.  They even make me a little nervous at times when they all swoop down over the garden.

      Strangely enough, it’s dusk now and quite windy and there are only a few up there though I can hear them.

  1. When you say that guns are reserved for the tourists, do you mean the “Tourist Shooting” season but the birds are protected?

    • Of course birds are protected.  All wildlife around here is protected but by common consensus tourists are excluded from this protection.  We have to have some kind of sport?

  2. The cameras on phones are remarkably good, considering the limitations imposed on them. I use mine all the time.

    I agree about the SLR type cameras. I’ve got an earlyish model Nikon D60, which is a brilliant camera, but is a real pain to lug around, particularly if you’re carrying another lens or two as well. A few years ago, I bought my wife a Nikon Coolpix, one of the upper range, but which is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is a superb piece of kit. Takes excellent photos in all conditions, but best of all doesn’t require a brace of coolies trailing behind you to carry it.

    • The main problem I have with the phone camera is that by the time I have gone through the process of waking it from sleep and getting rid of all the little pop up messages, whatever I wanted to photograph is long gone.  With the Canon, I just press the On button [and try to remember the lens cap!] and I’m away.

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