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  1. I wouldn’t recommend boiling the bread. For starters, it’s devilish hard to get the butter and marmalade to stay on it. And you can’t pick up the mess with your fingers.

    P.S. Glad you’re back. Grump away as much as you like.

    • Stick it on a spatula and it will be solid enough to spread on.  Maybe a spoon while serving as well, just in case?

      P.S.  I’m not “back” as such.  Just scribbling when I have a thought or two, so I may well miss a day or two or three….

    • Good idea.  I want to die of old age, so from now on will only eat stuff that’s way over its sell-by date.  That should work?

      • That must be why I still seem to be very much alive. When we moved recently, and we were emptying the food cupboards, a typical conversation would be “What’s the date on it? 2013? Oh, that’s ok to pack then. 2008? I suppose we’d better chuck it – can’t be too careful…”

  2. Surely not even you can deny the powerful correlation between the massive rise in lung cancer during the 20th century and the invention of the mass produced sliced loaf?

    As for lighter coloured toast being healthier, we at Action on Bread (ABH) know that there is no safe level of bread.

    Big Bread has been adding Nicotine to its products since the 1930s in order to get its customers addicted.
    This is truly a David vs Goliath battle. We, an organisation so poor we can’t afford charitable status or Government handouts, are up against the might of the multi billion dollar global bread industry.

    All ABH can do is to implore politicians to think of the children. Please just do something!

  3. By the way, Grandad, your latest post has been appearing OK for a while now. So I guess you must have fixed whatever the problem was. Thanks,  it’s a huge relief to know that I am up to date with your latest wisdom. There is nothing worse, apparently, than out of date wisdom.

    • As studies will indicate, everything we know for a fact today will be reversed by tomorrow.  Next week they’ll discover that toast is a cure for cancer.

  4. If it wasn’t for cancer, my daughter would be out of a career – she’s a superintendent radiographer for Macmillan.

    See – you find some good in anything if you look hard enough……

  5. One of the local news channels did a report on, “The C word”.  I thought geez!  Using the word cunt might be a big time insult here but it’s used all the time in the UK and Ireland. 

    Only to find out that the C word is in fact cancer.  Cripes!  We’ll all get it in one form or another.

    • I caught a bit on an American programme the other night where someone was cussin’ and swearin’ like a trooper.  Interestingly they bleeped the word ‘shit’ but ‘piss’ was fine [and yes – I can lipread].  Weird?

    • Hah!  Very funny you should suggest that.  Tonight on the news there was a bloke calling for the outlawing all deep fat fryers on the grounds that two people died in a house fire.  They must be made illegal and withdrawn from sale because apparently we are too stupid to be trusted with them.

      P.S 24 Littleworth Street ??  Is that an invite to an open house party?  Do I bring my own stash?

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