A day in the life — 8 Comments

  1. Mobile phones are irritating the way they sometimes ring just a few times before the caller is invited to record a message, and then I have to pay to return the call. That never happened with the manual dial Bakelite phone, until business firms attached tape ansaphone devices to them.

    • The golden days of no “hold” music and no answering machines!  The ony problem with them was that the cord always got tangled.

  2. Oh, don’t get me started with fucking smart phones and their fucking super sensitive touch screens. Just getting the thing out of your pocket when it rings activates a dozen apps while simultaneously cutting off the caller. I’m seriously considering going back to my old Nokia dumb phone, which does calls and texts and even emails if you want, but has actual buttons that are quite difficult to press in error. And it’s small, light, waterproof, dustproof and bombproof. Brilliant little piece of kit. Doesn’t have the computing power of my Samsung, but I’ve got a computer anyway, so that’s not really an issue.

    • I’m seriously thinking of doing the same.  I just downgraded Herself’s phone [to one with better buttons] and am thinking of robbing her old one.  Calls and text only!

  3. Is that a usb cable on the right of your old bakelite rotary dial phone?

    If so, that’s not just any old bakelite rotary dial phone, it is a Magical & Special bakelite rotary dial phone.


    • Grand old twin core flex [disconnected].  Maybe that’s what is causing problems with my Interwebs fibre connection?

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