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  1. Welcome back.

    I am pleased it was only a small break, about as small as that rubbish snooker player, (insert name of snooker player here) who doesn’t do very well.


    • Not necessarily a small break….  It’s more a case of shifting priorities where this site gets shoved down a notch or two.  Setting the world to rights is quite tiring, but I think it’s quite capable of fucking itself up without regular intervention from me?

      • That’s just fine with me. I’ve missed your stories about sending tourists up to the bogs, neighbors and all their antics (and your retaliation thereof) and other such things. And you’re right of course, the world (meaning ‘people’) will do it’s utmost best to fuck things up no matter who attempts to intervene.

  2. I’m completely disgusted. Not at you, GD, mind you. I’m just completely disgusted for general purposes–woke up that way and it hasn’t left yet. Just thought you ought to know.

    However, I am a bit proud of the fact that I haven’t moaned and groaned or sent you emails during your (forced?) break. And I’m glad you got your innerwebs thingy fixed even though you only have 80 instead of 98. Me? I have all of 25 and I pay dearly for it. Bit envious you know.

    • A lot of people seem to be disgusted these days.  In fact I would be so bold as to suggest that this will be known forever as The Age of Disgust?

      The reason I mention my speed is to get a dig at al those who used to gloat whenever I mentioned my old 3 connection.  No names – no packdrill.

      • In that case I’d prefer using the term, ‘disgruntlement’. It fits so much better into the lyrics of “Age of Aquarius” than ‘disgust’ (Do you have the song firmly in your head? Okay…):

        This is the dawning of the Age of Disgruntlement…

        See how well it fits?

  3. Great to see you back GD , been suffering dire forebodings since your  last post 

    hoping for the best and fearing the worst but not wishing to intrude on your privacy.

    With any luck this hiccup will be the nadir of 2017 and the remainder will be sunshine lollipops and roses .

    • As I said, it’s purely a matter of priorities.  Posting once a day was a habit that needed to be broken.  Scribbling for the sake of scribbling is not the way to go.  There was no other reason [apart from a few things that needed my attention over the last coupe of days].  Maybe I’ll get stuck back in the rut and start posting my Daily Shit or maybe I’ll eave things until I have something to say.  Or not say.  Or whatever.  The future is eternally fluid.

      • Good on you, mate. You do what you want. I can see where you’re coming from – once a pleasure starts feeling like an obligation, the pleasure aspect starts seeping away. You’re not here to provide a service (although accidentally you do, insofar as you provide many with a pleasurable read), you’re here because you want to be. Or not. The choice is yours, and yours alone. So, much as I like to read your posts, I fully support your wanting to take a step back for a while. Or forever. Whatever.

  4. Did you try connecting it to your water meter? It’s not much use for anything else and is not connected to anything.

    • My water metre is fully functional if you don’t mind…… as a conversation piece [and the butt of a few jokes].

  5. JHC on a stick. You had all of two comments telling you to pull your head out your rectum.

    I just watched you sink slowly down Mr. Puddlecote’s blog roll – a depressingly regular occurrence.

    And you still haven’t fixed that irksome bug where if you click on HR at Dick (and Junican’s) place, it defaults to an October brain fart.

    • You didn’t count in the mails I got.

      I can’t answer for Mr P’s pace.  If all the people on his list stopped writing, I would stay at the top?  I just nipped over and both links work perfectly for me – the header goes to the main site and the link goes to the most recent post.  ???

  6. Ha! We did it! Thx to all (other) moaners!


    I’m very glad my daily coffee break is starting to look like it could include a bit of fun and / or shared disgruntlement / disgust again. I was getting bored, and there were no spuds to peel.

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