The chance of a lifetime — 30 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t want to lower the tone of this excellent place with my random wibblings 😉

    Either way, you deserve a break! Have lots of fun. The kind that the public health zealots disapprove of, ‘cos…. sod ’em

    • Quite frankly, you would be very hard pressed to lower the tone of this place any further.  Consider that a challenge!

  2. GD

    If you fancy a break have one . You have informed and amused many for years , glad to see you do not plan to make it permanent but if you do that’s certainly your right .

    All my best wishes for your break be it for a week or forever . 

    You will be missed and I sincerely hope that you will return to delight us at some time of your choosing .

    PS.Best wishes also to Mrs GD and family .

  3. Letting go eh. Well why not offer herself the floor as she is always banging on about the shite you write being shite (or some such) and bring k8 for a blog or two. She could shake the place up a bit.

    • Herself had the floor for a while some years ago [called “Granny Lost the Plot”!] and is unlikely to take up the reins again – she prefers Farcebook now.

      Our K8 has her own place and is a damn good writer.  Her only problem is that she rarely writes.

  4. Ah, no! What will I look forward to for my afternoon coffee break?

    I certainly don’t begrudge you a break – but I’ll really miss you!

    • I’ll be around hovering in the background.  It’s not a permanent closure, just a break to clear my head a bit.

  5. Noooooooooooooo!  Don’t goooooooooo!

    Can imagine blogging is hard work though.

    I hope its au revoir and not goodbye!

    Can’t you train Penny to give a dog’s eye view?  On her eye-pad???

    • I doubt it’s even an au revoir – just a day or two [or five or ten]. 

      Penny may well take up the yoke and try writing.  If she’s any good I could set her up in her own site?  “PaddyPaws”?  “Paws for Thought”?

  6. Enjoy your rest granddad. As for inviting my good self to send you my brand of bollocks- you may regret it…….

  7. Having only recently discovered your site, I’m (slightly) dismayed you are stepping down for a while.  There’s something quite addictive about your musings – perhaps it’s the way you describe events in your life, perhaps it’s your humorous prose.  Anyway, good luck and I hope you enjoy your freedom from the pressure to post daily.

    I would be happy to submit the odd article (but not too odd!).  But my experiences of Eire are limited to the South & West – Cork, Bantry, Limerick, etc.

    • Welcome Ed [P]!  As I said – just taking a short break.  I’m just not sure how long “short” is.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about lack of experiences.  For a start, Irish account for around 7% of my visitors [they don’t like me much?] with the vast majority from the UK.  And anyone who likes Bantry has to be okay, in my book.

  8. A break? Well, goodness knows you deserve one, after pouring out daily musings for 10 years. Enjoy yourself. And your general offer of “having at it” so to speak tempts me no end, not that you’d let me of course. My writing ability has been suffering of late and I’m not sure I could meet the standards (traditions? levels?) you’ve set for HR.

  9. Throwing open your site to others may seem like a good idea. However, I come here to read your views. If you feel the need of a break, take one. We can deal with that. But I’m not sure whether anyone else standing in will be able to match the wit and wisdom of yourself!

    • Flattery will get you everywhere!  It just seems a waste to have a site sitting here doing nothing, even for a day or two.

  10. OK, enough of this,”taking a break”, thing!

    It’s been almost three days now and I haven’t had my fix of Grandad’s musings.  How am I suppose to quote you when you’re not writing any thing?

  11. Just to let you know that I’m counting: you’ve now had three days off. Something must’ve happened in that time to be worth writing about? OK, how about a compromise — you don’t have to post more frequently than every four days? I’m not sure what else I can do to tempt you back…. (But I won’t do “that”!)

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