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  1. This sort of shite makes me glad that I’m a “senior” as us old farts are called these days, so I probably won’t be around to see this come to a head and in the meantime can be politically incorrigible.

    • It looks like it has come to a head!  I really am glad I won’t be around in the future if this kind of shite gets any worse.

    • Squatting = Sitting in my book.  Just raise your arse a little off the seat.  Unless you want to squat in a urinal?

      • Dear Grandad

        I suspect Mr F is referring to the type of bog utilised by rural Continentals, which is basically two ceramic footprints on either side of a ceramic hole. One has to squat to make sure one doesn’t miss or, indeed, mess. We had them in Africa, but only for the natives.

        Hope this helps.


        • Don’t worry – I am more than aware of them.  There was one in a French campsite I stayed in that had no door so you squatted over the hole while all your fellow campers wandered past.

    • For some strange reason I read the “i” as an “a” there.  In my book, a much more memorable name for a pub?

      Here in Ireland some use the Irish Fir [men] and Mná [women].  This leads to great mirth in the tourist pubs as foreigners tend to assume Mná is an anagram of Man.  In fairness, an easy mistake to make? 

  2. Grandad,

    You wake of a morning thinking that, after yesterday, things can’t get any sadder. An hour into a new day and you realise how wrong you were to even dare think that.

  3. This gender nonsense makes my blood boil.

    If you don’t have a penis and you go into the gents you can’t use a urinal (well, not unless you are into extreme yoga or somesuch) so you have to go into the cubicle.

    If you have a penis and you go into the ladies you have no choice but to use a cubicle.

    Therefore, as I see it, what are gender neutral toilets for boys-that-want-to-be-girls and girls-that-want- to-be-boys going to have that is different to what already exists?  Exclusive toilets with both cubicles and urinals that will be used by a tiny minority and paid for by my taxes.  They can fuck right off!!! 

  4. I sometimes go a  cafe in an Irish town where there is a toilet with the inscription Ladies/Gents. Pas de probleme ici, and no gender-bendering nonsense. 

    • I remember in my travels through France fairly regularly going into a restaurant loo which was mixed (I’m talking about some years ago, so it may have changed since – I haven’t driven through France in nearly fifteen years) with urinals on the wall. The ladies would just walk past you while you were pissing in the urinal to get to the cubicle.

      • I’m a bit squeamish about the picture you paint. The Ladies/Gents l’oo in the Irish cafe I frequent is just a room with a bowl and washing facility and is strictly on a one-person-at-a-time basis.



      • Yep, France still has some amusing habits. Went to a downstairs loo in a cafe recently. No markings on the cubicle doors and a wash basin outside in the corridor. Pick your own?

        By the way Ger, saw a security guard throw three teenage boys out of one cubicle in a shopping centre in Birmingham. Wonder if they were lost or just confused.

      • Nisakiman,

        Yep!  Still happens, even in some Supermarket loos.  Nobody seems to mind.  And most restaurants have only one loo on a one-at-a-time basis. Motorway loos are segregated but are usually next-door to each other and the partition doesn’t reach to the floor so if they are up a rise there could be an interesting view.  Ladies, and gents who require number 2s, unless they’re disabled, have to use “squat toilets”  – google it!

  5. How about this? Outfit all restrooms the same and label the doors “UTS (Urinals, Toilets, Sinks)/Gender Free” *(same as; “sugar free” or “GMO free”?). There, problem solved. Let the people decide (snicker).

  6. They claim to be one in 150, so the UK may have as many as about 500,000. But only 20% actually describe themselves as intersexed.

    None of this is actually porn, simply folk who post selfies. Some of what they post may offend the hell out of yon snowflakes.

    So, in answer to Grandpop’s question about my having a bollock fetish. Er… No… Just anything odd, unusual or fascinating. 

    • Good Grief!  Are you trying to lose me my XXX rating? 

      Odd?  Yes.  Unusual?  Yes, thank God.  Fascinating? Not by the remotest stretch of the imagination!

  7. Dear Grandad

    I am assuming there aren’t many within a Number Twos Standing category but you never know these days?

     Politicians? Different orifice …


  8. Would all commenters in future please refer to me as Gender Neutral Private Amenity Room?  Thank you.

  9.  “toilets as political spaces”

    I’d never thought of toilets being political spaces. I have though seen political spaces (parliament) used as a toilet (verbal diarrhoea) many times.

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