On being unfaithful — 13 Comments

  1. (whatever you removed did the trick)

    A bit early in the morning for metaphysics, ain’t it; I’ve no idea whether I’m real. Will leave that to you to sort.

    On another note, it’s possible, just possible, I may drop by for a wee visit. Depends on how things go after the 20th. Wouldn’t expect to impose on you for more than, say…four years?

    Your loving Dad.

    • I think you’re real all right – can’t imagine myself coming up with some of the weirdness I see here?

      You’re more than welcome here at the Manor for as long as you like provided you don’t mind sharing a bed with a dog, myself, Herself and any odd rodent or arachnid that wanders past?  It would be handy having someone to take over the heavy duties as Herself is getting a bit stiff in her old age.

  2. Wayhay!  The post box is working!  So far so good… 😉  Never saw the point in SPAM – always tasted f@cking awful.

    • Hah! Already had to do some tweaking – Doc [above] got locked out earlier.  Spam is worse than fucking awful or even f@cking awful.

  3. I love Spam, the type in the blue and yellow can. However, I see that the greasy-haired marketing bozos have brought out a range of line extensions. Cheese flavor etc. Now THAT is disgusting.

  4. Okay, I left a comment over at “your other” simply because I misread the bit about the spam–typical of me. So I guess this comment will suffice as yet another non-spammer test?

      • Perhaps because I’m using a different email address that I haven’t used over there yet?

  5. I can tell you’ve been unfaithful, Granddad.

    On one of my first visits in about a week or two, “NoScript” was trying to tell me it had blocked scripts from head-rambles. QUICK! Call the health nazis before he spreads this infectious JavaSludge habit to all the ‘cheeeeeeeellllllldreeeennnnnnn.’

    You know 15 studies in the last week conducted by Scientists (of dubious reputation, mind you) concluded that just 4 scripts on a popular blog are enough to have you addicted for life. It is a disgusting habit, you know!

    • Are you trying to hold me responsible for what my site does?!  I know it throws cookies all over the place [and the EU says I have to warn about that but fuck them] but I don’t know what it’s doing with scripts.  Maybe it will hand out sweeties to the little cheeeldren next?

  6. Hardly infidelity


    [Just an aside – you do make it difficult in that I have to type in all my details every tie I want to make a comment. It does slow down the desire to comment, GD.]

    • As in being unfaithful to this site….

      How can anything slow down a desire to comment here?  Surely it’s almost compulsory?  Retaining the details of forms is more of a browser function than a website function surely?  There again – I do get blamed for everything.

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