The end of the world is on Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. For some reason, Irish motorists are terrified of the stuff

    It’s not just Irish motorists Grandad. Over the stream it’s exactly the same. The morons.

    peeing all the time

    Sure that’s not just old age creeping up on you? 😉

  2. I first read that as ” – 3″, as in didn’t get up to pee 3 times. That would be a wet bed with loud complaints from the other occupants!





    • A -3 pee?  An interesting concept?  Presumably the minus would indicate an inflow rather than an outflow?

      As for wetting the bed, I’d just blame the dog.

  3. Hello, from one of your regular readers who actually lives in the Arctic (Tromso, Norway. Well inside the arctic circle). We up here in the far North are really enjoying the fact the you there in the temperate zone are getting a dose of the white shit for a change. Apparently cold air is flowing South and warm air is flowing North. This happens every now and then and we are always delighted when it does. So many thanks for our once in a decade low snow winter. We really hope you enjoy the white stuff and wish you lots of luck with the digging and heaving that we have not had to do for the first three months of our seven month winter.
     Of course the remainder of January, February, March and April can easily see us up to our heads and beyond in snow, but the story so far has been a blessed relief.

    • I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t send it quite so far south, thank you very much. We’re hovering around freezing point at the moment, here in the supposedly warmer climes of southern Greece, and the hills around me are white with snow. Much as I think snow makes for a very pretty landscape, I would much prefer to see it on postcards rather than a couple of kilometres up the road. I’m not very good at cold weather.

      What on earth possessed you to live in perpetual winter? I can think of nothing I would like to do less.

      30° – 35° C is for me the ideal temperature. Anything less than 20° is to be avoided if at all possible. Unfortunately, since my house is here in Patras, I’m having to endure these awful thermometer readings that currently pertain. Thankfully in less than six weeks we’ll be in SE Asia for a month and a half, enjoying a bit of proper weather. And hopefully, by the time we get back, your arctic streams will have gone back to where they belong..


      • What on earth possessed you to live in perpetual winter?

        Well the climate is crap, the wine costs a fortune, the people are glum and the food is awful. I sometimes wonder what the hell we are doing here myself.

  4. I like fresh snow but hate slush when temperatures rise a few degrees. Have you ever considered camping out in an insulated structure made from bales of straw? It could be called a bale-out (with no Troika involved) and kids would find it as adventurous as camping in the garden during summer. Just make sure the kids in winter have flasks of hot red lemonade to sip against the outside freeze, and a convenient potty for pee-pees at midnight. Hot whiskies are undoubtedly the right stuff for Grandads. I order hot Jamesons at my local and sip up the medicinal flavour – slice of lemon impaled by four cloves, brown sugar and boiled water, all laced with a generous measure of whiskey. I don’t give a toss if medical experts ‘scientifically’ gainsay the medical properties – the beverage tastes great. If it’s good for you, it’s good for you.

    • One thing I could never tolerate – hot whiskies.  Even the smell is wrong for my delicate sensibilities.  Whiskey should be room temperature with maybe a small dash of water [sometimes] but nothing else.

  5. Seems your immune system is in fine fettle. Wake up in the morning look out the window and one instantly gets a handle on wot de weathers doing. Snowflakes of the human kind seem to be increasing annually. Must be wobal gloaming.

  6. I don’t do flu shots either. My GP told me there was no possible way they could identify the flu strain, develop an effective antidote and distribute it in time. Apparently what we were being offered is the potion for the last season but one.

  7. -17C and a half meter of snow on the ground…I’ll take my chances with the flu and stay indoors tyvm

  8. G’day Grandad, We are getting the reverse down here in OZ. As the media finally realises that apart from the loony left mo one believes all of the lies they have been sprouting about Climate Change/Global Warming whatever (the greatest scam in recorded human history in my opinion), all of sudden when ever the temp gets above 35deg C it is an “extreme heatwave”. All I can say is WTF!!!, living in Sydney the weather in january is bloody hot and it is commom to get days on end where the temp is between 37 – 40 deg+!! More than 2 days of hot weather is a heatwave, you just have to laugh,

    • They love telling us that it has been the hottest/coldest/wettest/driest season on record and then announce that the records only go back a few years.  It’s all part of the modern drive for the superlative – everything has to be a record breaker for some reason.

      Incidentally, in Ireland a heatwave is when the sun shines.

  9. Peeing more is just your body trying to flush out whatever is ailing you. Be thankful for it and drink lots of water (but leave room for the whiskey).

    Don’t they know those vaccinations contain Formaldehyde used for embalming bodies?

    Did you ever consider it may be why you’re so will preserved at your age?

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