Inside the Echo Chamber — 29 Comments

  1. and a damn good craic we  have

    still liking whatever you tweek’d the site with, it’s clearer and faster

      • Delighted to hear it.  I wasn’t sure about the move [if it ain’t broke, etc?] but I’m glad it was worth the effort.

        All I have to do now is sort that weird thing some people are getting where it sticks on an old post.

        • Since you changed your plug-in or whatever it was yesterday, I seem to be back to normal. Straight to the current post, and all comments showing. So maybe that was the problem. We shall see with time.

          I don’t think you are in an echo chamber, GD. Sure, for the most part we are singing from the same hymn sheet, because none of us like to be told how to live our lives by some fuckwit who not only hasn’t got a clue, but also lies through his / her teeth to justify persecuting us. However, people do disagree with you on some issues sometimes. They just do it politely.

          • Now that’s good news!  It would make sense as it was the caching plugin that I switched, but it still doesn’t explain why only a few were affected.

            They just do it politely.”  So politely I don’t even notice?

    • It still takes a little getting used to at my end though.  And it does seem to have cured the keyboard dyslexia!

    • BTW: Happy New Year to all the guys in the funny Room 20157 at Langley. I suppose people in other rooms are trying to figure out how to smooth the jittery triangular relationship that seems to have developed between Trump, the CIA and Obama. When in doubt blame everything on North Korea and Lichtenstein.

    • Now you have me really worried.  Am I responsible for an outbreak of measles or something?  Is Brexit my fault?

    • I can see better from up here.  Confucius says “he who doesn’t stick his head above the parapets is missing a magnificent view”  Or words to that effect.

      • But Hrun the Barbarian says, “He who sticks his head above the parapets is the first one to get an arrow up his nose”. Or words to that effect.

  2. And no, I don’t have a blog page (whatever that is), but delighted to be allowed to comment. Liked the pic.

  3. To put it another way, my Echo Chamber is organic and flexible, while the Nanny version is fixed and rigid.

    Yes, something vaguely geriatric erotica about that – worth developing.

    • Now isn’t that a very strange thing but I saw nothing double entendre about that until you pointed it out.  And I thought I was bad…….

  4. I think, as you mention, that the stifling of dissent is what separates an Echo Chamber from a group of like-minded people.

    I’ve posted plenty of comments on tobacco control-oriented blogs, and I’m hard pressed to think of a single case where the comment wasn’t deleted (more often than not, it happens within a matter of minutes).

    Conversely, if there are no (or very few) dissenting views being expressed on blogs like this one, it could simply be that there are not large numbers of people in the general public who feel an inclination to defend the (increasingly indefensible) tobacco control worldview.

    • Welcome Nate!  Sadly another viewpoint is that readers who disagree with my viewpoints will just mark me [and my ilk] as a nutter because they prefer to believe tabloid headlines and the widely disseminated propaganda.

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