Harnessing the dog — 9 Comments

  1. A bit like solar then. Rain = cloud = no solar.

    Does Penny fart when it rains, perhaps to relieve the pressure building up in her bladder? A mini dog wind turbine too.



    • Penny is extremely abstemious with her farts.  I have only heard her blow one a few times in all the years she has been with us.  Mind you – they make up for it in toxicity.

    • Not quite.  In fact theirs is in addition to my little concept.  Combine the two so we have electricity generated by the turbine followed by a little electrolyses with the aftermath.  Two birds with one stone, as it were.  Or two volts with one piss?

  2. You had me all through the post, chuckling and laughing along, until I got to the insertion of a turbine and urinary-electric dog part whereupon my eyes simply shut down due to the off-kilter mental images that particular part conjured up in my wee little mind.

    Thought I was was stronger than that.

  3. It’s the female of the species – or should it be s-pee-shes?  We’ve had and still do have a canine iron-bladder so Penny is in good company!

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