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  1. If I drink two or more pints of beer I treat myself to a second bag of Tayto crisps. That makes me a binge crisper. Cheers!

  2. What’s wrong with these idiots? Life is, and always has been stressful. We escape by various means, including alcohol. As in everything else we consume including food, there are risks/consequences. The lunatic nanny state continues to find ever more reasons to not be a fully-functioning happy human. I enjoy a glass or two of whiskey and at the age of over 70 could probably die very soon. If it means a blessed release from these meaningless outpourings of total garbage – bring it on.

  3. Hi Grandad,


    “Binge Drinking” (here in the Blighty at least) is a good example of junk science. I paraphrase (because the booze has addled my memory) but it went something like this:

    Govt funded “scientists” set a weekly target of the number of “units” (=10mL pure ethanol) more than which it was supposed to be a Bad Thing ™ to drink. Activists then divided this by the 7 days in the week and that became the “daily limit”. Then they defined the (scarily named) “Binge Drinking” as drinking more than twice the “daily limit” in one go.

    So, six pints (or equivelant) on a Saturday night makes me a “Bing Drinker”…





    PS: Mine’s a pint 🙂


  4. ….doh: wrong sums

    actually it’s more than *3* pints spells “Bing Drinking” Doom


    Interwebs says “The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is now out of date but advises no more than 21 units per week for men and 14 units per week for women. But also, have 2-3 alcohol-free days a week to allow the liver time to recover after drinking anything but the smallest amount of alcohol.”

    How did we survive without their advice?

  5. My brother who,s 69 ,drinks about a gallon of beer 5 or 6 days a week, he also cycles to the pub 6 miles there and 6 miles back…he,s as fit as a flea and he has done this for about 30 years, genetics might play a part because our maternal granny was a ferocious boozer in her eighties, she died aged 99

  6. The problem today in Ireland and UK all these jobsworths from time to time make statements that the media pick up on like its true. Its all bullsh** these wasters are most likely on the taxpayer or charity payroll and this is their way to let people know they are doing something.

  7. “Old enough to know better”… and wise enough not to care!


    The old dear in the photo is over 70 never mind the “over 50s” and the one glass of red wine does not constitute a binge!

  8. I well recall my (Irish) doctor, whom I used to see in the pub early every evening when he popped in for ‘a livener’ (as he called it), a quadruple gin and tonic, saying to me on leaving one evening ‘Oswald, I never see you except with a cigarette in your mouth and a glass in your hand, and if you carry on like this, you won’t live half your life!’ A much loved local character, he was still practicing part-time when he shuffled off aged 94. At 77, I can’t drink what I used to anymore, confining myself to two pints of best bitter on leaving work and a really stiff whiskey later, and I can proudly say that I don’t recall the last time I went to bed sober.

  9. There is a beautiful little ditty here which goes…

    He who comes to Spain and doesn’t drink wine; what the fuck’s he doing here? 

    (OK, it rhymes in Spanish.)

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