The root of all evil — 7 Comments

    • He was way ahead of his time.  Nowadays they are slamming off to the sales to buy things because they are cheap[er].  The fact that they don’t need, or even possibly want those items is irrelevant.  The price is king.

  1. I reckon we’ll get a shit tax to replace the water tax… polluter pays?  Wonder what they will call the new quango. utility?  Irish Shite?

  2. the poverty line is a great way to show the thinking of these people.I watched a program one night when one of them was on about eliminating poverty. when they were asked how the poverty line was calculated, they said it was a certain percent below the average. It just didn’t seem to occur to them that using this method it would be impossible, as every increase to the poor would just increase the average.

    • It would be just as easy to eliminate poverty by culling all the rich.  By doing so the average wealth would drop and suddenly everyone would be within the same bracket. 

      My prediction for water charges…..

      Year 1 – Free allowance of 5000 litres with heavy charges above that.  Public buys that.

      Year 2 – Free allowance drops to 500 litres.  Heavy charges are  increased.

      Year 3 – Free allowance drops to one egg-cup full.  Massive penalties beyond that level.

      Year 4 – Free allowance scrapped.  Public complains.  Told to fuck themselves.

      Year 5 – Water system sold off to Chinese who demand first-born and entire bank accounts for two cups of water a day.

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