Raising awareness that shit happens — 14 Comments

  1. It all went mad after the Herald of free enterprise sank off Zebrugge. They changed the law to “Corporate responsiblity”. Before that people did their own risk assessments (Like look where you’re going). Since then the sheeple have been conditioned into believing everything is safe. 

    • It’s all part of the modern society where far too much emphasis is placed on health and safety.  People no longer seem to realise that it’s a big bad world out there and if you do something stupid you will be hurt.

    • To be fair, when taking a ferry, one does expect the crew to close the bow doors before setting off. I’d call that a reasonable expectation.

  2. Its called the “arrogance of ignorance”©

    Shock! Horror! Electricity can kill you – that has been known since it was first put into people’s houses!  One of the Distant Rellies used to work for the Electricity Board  long before it was privatised and used to regale us with tales such as the old dear who used to put all the plugs she could find into all the sockets in her house because she was frightened the electricity would leak out during the night. Another incident involved two elderly sisters trying to change a light bulb but couldn’t get it to work so one sister decide to lick the socket….(the other one had to arrange her funeral in the dark – sorry my jest!) Seems some of us haven’t progressed very far in the interim!

    People would be better served if their awareness was raised to see the corruption of most politicians and gubermints!!!

    • It’s also part of the “something must be done” mentality.  Something bad happens – something must be done so it doesn’t happen again.  All cars must drive at 5mph, all rivers and lakes must be surrounded by barbed wire [suitably padded] and chain link fencing, all window blinds must have cords removed in case a child hangs itself.

      As a side note, I used to hang around with a crowd in my student days.  One day for the devilment I told the girls that vacant sockets leak electricity and that it tends to pool on the floor overnight.  Absolute panic!  Someone spoiled it though by telling them I was joking.

  3. Mmmm. I think there might also be a need to publicize one’s grief. Emotional incontinence has become a way of life for many – I blame bloody Princess Di! But what better way to get publicity than to pretend it’s all for the sake of protecting the innocent. Or am I too cynical?

  4. Forget all your problems Grandad I see Dope Francis is making a visit in 2018 start counting the days off.

  5. Here I thought that the 80s was considered the decade of the “me” generation (if those idiots of the “disco” generation had smart phones back then would they have taken selfies of their gold chains, platform shoes and hairy chests?).

    And I stuck my finger in an electrical socket when I was but a wee shaver and that was only because my parents told me not to. If they hadn’t told me not to I wouldn’t have. But I did and I lived through the experience just fine…ack…fine…ack…fine…ack…

    • I rammed a steel knitting needle into a socket when I was a kid.  I had a needle in my hand and there was an interesting hole in the wall, so what was I supposed to do? 

      I have had a strange respect for sockets and knitting needles ever since. 

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