Back to school

There was an item on our local steam-television yesterday evening.

They are all worked up because all us old Wrinklies are apparently afraid of computers.

They might have a point there – I’m scared shitless of Windows 10 so I steer well clear of it.

Anyhows, they are urging all us old people [or as they explained – the over 50s] to do something about it.  We mustn’t be afraid of computers.  We must learn how to use them and have someone explain to us what all this Interweb is about.  We are missing out on such essential items as Farcebook and YouTube.  We can actually talk to our relations in Australia using a thing called Skype.  I’m particularly impressed with the last one as I don’t have any relations in Australia, that I know of.

They are holding free classes where we can sign up and be taught all this incredible technology.  “Don’t be scared!” they declare, “We understand how you have been left behind and we will show you such marvellous things as sending an email and how to check your bank balance.  We know you are slow learners and deaf, but we will shout instructions in words of one syllable”.

They explained to those of us who aren’t Wrinklies [i.e. the under 50s] that television programmes frequently show a web address on screen but the Wrinklies don’t know what to do with it, and isn’t that so sad?

I must say I was intrigued with the programme, and they had me all fired up and enthusiastic about my future and the wonders I was about to discover.

They gave a web address at the end of the programme for the Wrinklies to sign up for a course.

But I don’t know what to do with it……

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Back to school — 13 Comments

  1. That is hilarious. Do you think they’ll figure out why no one signed up for the course? I can just hear them talking about why old people just aren’t interested in learning about computers.

    • “Please send all completed application forms for the Adult Literacy Course to…….” !

      I don’t think they thought that one the whole way through?

  2. You are very funny Grandad and you know you’re an anomaly and why we love you. Just so happens I just drove 1400 miles to visit my 85 yr old Mom for the Holiday and she is all sorts of tickled that I showed her the You Tube. You would have thought I invented it with how she went on.

    • An anomaly?  A few of my readers and a few of the scribblers who I follow are a good bit older so basically I’m just a spring chicken.  So you now have your Mom hooked on cute kittens doing silly things? Heh!

      • Humph. Every time I type a comment here I get an error message that says my comment is spam. Perhaps the yewtoobs doesn’t like me to keep talking about them. 

        • May I apologise on behalf of the idiots who released an update to a bit of this site, and fucked the whole thing up!  Their software has been removed until such time as they have fixed it properly.

  3. Hey Grandad you can talk to me, I’m in Australia! I am also 58 and know how to use a computer, so that stuffs up the tv programs statistics.

    • Are you the poor sod who all the Irish grannies and grandads call up on Skype when they learn how to use it?  You have my deepest sympathies. 

  4. Hey Grandad,I,m 67, and i have a toshiba satellite, an hp desktop and ive just fixed up an old mac pro so know it runs Yosemite… two raspberry pi,s, who do these young dirigibles think started the computer malarky

    • Welcome Robbo!  Working off an Acer Aspire, with a backup Packard Bell [Herself uses my old Toshiba].  I dumped my desktops as they were too old and clunky.  All run Linux.  Also run a little network around the place with about 8Tb of storage [at the last count].  Don’t have a Raspberry Pi, but then you’re a year ahead of me so there’s still time……

  5. You know, I distinctly remember something about us “old wrinklies” inventing the Internet and the World Wide Web as well. Come to think of it, I believe we invented something called the “desktop” computer and the “laptop” computer as well…

    …or maybe I’m just getting old and delusional.

    And that item on your “steam-television” didn’t include a toll free number to call as well as a web address? Or is that obsolete thinking on my part?

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