When lies come back to bite — 8 Comments

  1. This bit of confusing two-faced drivel from your new Best Buddies in Ash proves that these anti-smoker maggots are full of shit. Condemned by their own words. Hopefully writing crap like this could be a signal that it is the beginning of the end for these scumbags.

    • I hate to turn on my new Bestest Fwends but they really do pump out some outrageous garbage.  I swear that if they all fucked off into the sunset [or preferably into the sun] that no one would notice the difference, apart maybe for the exchequer who would be saving some cash.  They are so wrapped up in their little isolation chambers that they can’t even see how idiotic their own pronouncements are.

  2. I wouldn’t call this an about-face.

    I would call it two-faced


    Come on GD.. Deb Arnott is NOT two faced – if she was, do you really think she’d be wearing that fucker?


  3. …being suckered into a [very] short lifetime of addiction, pain and disease.

    Oh how true.

    I started with the evil weed at eight years old, and although I’m now only a fledgling 67, and fit and healthy, I’m sure a brutally truncated life will be my fate.

    Ye gods, I might only make it to 85 or 90! Yet another young life tragically cut short by that terrible drug, tobacco.

    And just to think, had I eschewed the siren call of that destructive poison, I could probably have looked forward to an extra five years of having some hatchet-faced ‘carer’ wiping the dribble from my chin and the shit from my arse, meanwhile not knowing my own name or the names of my children.

    Oh, those precious years that I will be missing, and all because I became totally addicted to the most dangerous substance on earth.

    Oh woe is me…

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