Beating the old nag — 10 Comments

  1. You could always refer to yourself as a “critically acclaimed author” now, seeing as you’ve done it once…

    Once was enough right?

    • Fair enough!  I could also claim to be “award winning” even though the award wasn’t for the book itself?

      Critically acclaimed award winning author Grandad

      It has a certain ring to it? Like a Plague Bell?

  2. After some 50 years of writing unbelievable rubbish for other people, I, too, would like to write a book. Trouble is, it would stop me enjoying life, take up valuable drinking time, isolate me from family and friends and earn the square root of diddley squat in book sales.

    However, I would actually pay good money for an honest and unexpurgated review of your life. When can we expect to see it on the local bookshelves?

  3. Nah don’t do the book. Small doses on here are much more fun for writer and reader.
    Did you contribute anything to the recently birthed legiron publishing company venture?

    • Why not do both?  I would find it hard to pass a day without my little touch of sarcasm or grumpiness.

      As for Legiron, no, I didn’t.  I wonder if he’d be interested in acting as an agent for a full blown novel?

  4. “Inside every man is a good book,” or so they say. How crafty then the fucker that takes it with him. We are left only to imagine how good it might have been, if only he had. You can’t buy wisdom like that Grandad! Well done.

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