Grandad unplugged — 8 Comments

  1. I don't use a phone. There is a landline for emergencies and utilities but it needs unboxing. Online is the preferred communication method.  Strangely, the utilities companies do not like this. They don't wish to speak with me, directing attention to their website but when I direct them to my email, this does not seem to find favour.

    • God be with the days whe they asked you for your address.  Now they want name, address, phone number, mobile number and email address.  Soon they'll be looking for your Farcebook profile, Twitter account and all the other poxy "social media" sites.  They only seem to want them for spamming purposes.

      One thing that pisses me off is business websites that have a contact form but no email address.  I like to keep records of all my correspondence [comes in handy during court cases].

  2. Grandad,
    Another chance to repeat, again, an extremely old line:
    “The Internet was broken last night so I spent time with the family. They seem like nice people.”

  3. If they have to "detox" doesn't that mean that they've realised what they're doing is toxic. That is, to normal family life as we once knew it when we interacted face to face and not via some electronic guizmo and we could pay attention to one another and our surroundings?  Maybe some of them are waking up in which case there's a glimmer of hope!   Or it could just be a prelude for a new reality TV show…  

    Awaiting news of further developments in the eir v Grandad match!!! 😀

    • Detox is one of the buzzwords that the little darlings use a lot these days.  I doubt if any of them realise what it precisely means.  You don't abstain from using the Interweb – you "Interweb detox".  Maybe there will be a few less stepping out under buses during their detox period?

      eir?  Watch this space.

  4. There may be a benefit to this so called "digital detox" thing if you think about it. Those that have "detoxified" themselves might stop walking into walls, tripping over curbs, and dropping down into the sewer access holes where the access cover has been removed? Of course, this also removes some of the entertainment factor from our lives but there's plenty more non-detoxed smart phone zombies walking around with their chins permanently attached to their upper chest to keep us amused.

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