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    • Welcome, Sackerson!  It is certainly way too complicated for the twats who are trying to run the service.  The problem is that they are the cheapest and seeing as the object of the exercise is to save on monthly bills…….

  1. So, place new order and you're supposed to get a new number for which you're supposed to use to do things over the good ol' tellingbone. But you didn't get the number so….

    How the hell are these fools operating?

  2. I feel for you Grandad, I would be weeping and shrieking with rage and frustration in your shoes. Try cancelling your direct debit/standing order, that can focus the (corporate) mind something wonderful!

    • Welcome Theresa!  Unfortunately my latest bill cleared a week ago.  The next won't arrive until the end of next month.  As for the weeping and shrieking – that's what this site is there for!

  3. Eircom were daft when they decided to call themselves eir. Their logo is dafter – it isn't a patch on Picasso's famous signature. I'll stick to Vodaphone, thank you. They're not trying to imitate and insult Picasso.

    and here is eir's paltry piece of art:

    • Plus, of course, they are wankers. We got rid of their rotten, expensive landline as soon as we discovered Digital Forge.

  4. Ha!  They think Wicklow is in the Netherlands acording to their shonky maps which explains why they are speaking double-Dutch.  Overall a prime example of right-hand not having a clue that the left-hand even exists!  Reminds me of a poster I saw a long time ago with this advice  "Smile and be happy, things could get worse!  So I smiled and was happy and lo! things did get worse!"

    • That Wicklow -> Netherlands thing was my first discovery.  I had a feeling then that the omens were not that good.  Add to that the fact that they have two different web sites showing progress and also showing conflicting data.  So it's a case of the right-site not knowing what the left-site is doing!

      • No it (the map) didn't bode well.  The convo reminds me of that Abbott and Costello sketch “Who is on first base?” 😀

        Its how they make their money, unless it was a free phone call you had with them?  I can feel the anticipatory tension mounting….. countdown to Friday…..tick tock….. ! 😀

        • It was a free call [I hope].

          They were supposed to contact me today to confirm tomorrow's installation.

          Still waiting!

  5. How in hell did you call a phone company and get someone from the same continent as you?!! I thought all phone centers were located in India and had representatives named Steve / Stefan / Stevanoich depending on the country your were calling from. 

    • They probably find it's cheaper to use people on some gubmint sponsored "back to work"  scheme.  They get free labour and it keeps the unemployment figures down.

  6. Yep, I've had a couple of rants on phone too but mainly on gas. They send a person into depression, best not dwelt on for long – life's too short as it is.

    • Just so long as I have a good supply of whiskey, anti-depressants, tea and tobacco with me when I start, it isn't too bad.

  7. Yup, sounds familiar although I deal with Comcast here in the States (Internet only broadband–no TV).

    Perhaps I should follow that link to the Eir website and order a broadband bundle from them? Let them try finding where I live.

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