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  1. It brings such a breadth of experience and new dimension to the 'club' it's difficult to convey. There's some genuine talent on that list.

    • Welcome James!  Indeed there are some whose names I dare not even whisper.  It's great to know I have a bunch of new neighbours here in the mountains that I can drop in to and have a cuppa and a chat.

  2. I don't know if Martin Scriblerus members have cloven hooves, are trouser rollers or are on a nodding relationship with the guys in Room 20157 at Langley. To keep yourself on an even keel Grandad, it might be a cautious policy to remember that Groucho Marx declined to join any club that would have him as a member.

    • Vanity is the better half of discretion.  Anyhows most clubs won't have me so I'm just glad for what I can get.

  3. Well, congra congradul congradula fair play to you, sir! Though make sure your check is good next time? It will save you a few bucks of bounced check fees.

    Heh, last badge I got for my old blog was "The Dog's Bollix". Can't quite recall where that came from now… 😉

    • "….last badge I got for my old blog was "The Dog's Bollix".  Can't quite recall where that came from now…."   

      The dog, perhaps?

        • Indeed. After country funerals around Ireland, it is customary for old acquaintances of the dear departed to repair to a village pub and reminisce. "He wasn't a bad ould bollocks", is a complimentary pious utterance, followed by the raising of pint glasses and the ordering of another round from the barman.

  4. The new "Skill and Bones-to-Pick" Club © eh?  ðŸ˜€  


    Internet weirdness won't let me post this.  See if attempt numero 3 works….

    • Internet weirdness indeed!  How the hell did you manage to get from the UK to France in two minutes?  You could make a fortune out of that and put the ferries and the Channel Tunnel out of business in one stroke.

    • I don't know yet and to be honest, I'm a bit worried.  I have taken out extra life insurance just in case.

    • Isn't it a moose you have to wear round your neck? Or am I confusing that with something else?

  5. Bugger granddad, why haven't I been invited to this exclusive club? I will scribble a missive off to them straight away demanding entry. I'm sure they will see the error of their ways and award Premium membership in keeping my exalted status and medication cycle.

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