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  1. Funny, how all telephone / broadband companies are "functioning" the same way, independent of country of origin.

    I guess they're in fact all the same bunch of people sitting in the same place and enjoying the same "education" on how to thwart customers. 😉

    • I am beginning to think that my Friday appointment may be a little optimistic.  The bloke I spoke to on the phone was so damned helpful that I realise I must have reached a wrong number.  Now I have to wait to see exactly what will be delivered.  Flowers? Pizza?  Curry?

      • Probably some Russian bride will show up on your doorstep? They're all "managers" you know.

        Hope your speedy internet arrives without a hitch. Of course you'll still be shackled to the often throttled speed of whatever server you're trying to drag shit information of off.

        I myself am still overpaying Comcast for Internet only service (an honest 30 MB down/ 6MB up) but the wonderful barstards will lower the price by $10 if I buy their "Internet Pro" package (75 MB down/?up) which includes a basic TV/streaming promo package (which I don't want). Comcast is the only game in town ofcourse.

        • My lot are pushing their service like mad at the moment promising a shed load of FREE sports channels.  They can fuck off with that.  Why is there a general assumption that we are all sports crazy?

  2. Blimey,GD, 100 Mb? You'll be able to download torrents in a flash stream legal channels easily. Even with my paltry 24 Mb (in reality 12 Mb) I get pretty good streaming. You won't know you're born, mate.

    I'll be moving down to Patras soon, and they're wittering on about installing fibre there, but I'm not holding my breath. They'll probably carry me off in a box before we get fibre.

    • They have tested my line and claim I can get 12Mb.  Whether that stands up to reality is another matter.  Because I am so close to the new cabinet they also claim I'll be up to 100Mb when that's ready.  Potentially, if I run a fibre to the box [I have a very hairy fibrous ball of string somewhere] I can get up to 1Gb.  All of this is only marginally relevant as I doubt any of my network stuff could handle such speeds.

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